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Students in Technology Achieving Results (S.T.A.R.)


Our Purpose

The Students in Technology Achieving Results (S.T.A.R.) initiative provides resources and opportunities designed to support undergraduate students in the completion of their baccalaureate degree.

The following is an overview of these resources and how you can participate. The S.T.A.R program is funded by the King- Chávez -Parks Select Student Support Services (4S) Initiative, a federally-funded grant.




Our Programs

Incoming first-year students are encouraged to participate in CAMPUS Connections , a seven-day introduction to college life. CAMPUS Connections participants' days are divided among academic, co-curricular, and fun team-building activities.
During CAMPUS Connections, participants will:

  • Learn about LTU’s campus, University resources, and the greater metro-Detroit community
  • Develop a toolkit of skills necessary for academic success via interactive success seminars
  • Build new friendships and a network of support through fun team-building activities and outings
  • Attend faculty-led workshops in preparation to retake the math and/or writing placement exam
  • Get a head start on their fall classes by participating in AAC Pre-courses

This program is run by current LTU Scholars in partnership with CAMPUS Connections professional staff.

All CAMPUS Connections participants living on campus during the upcoming fall semester may move into their assigned rooms early.

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Questions or concerns may be submitted to  scholars@ltu.edu , or call 248.204.4120.

CAMPUS Connections staff will also be available during LTU Orientation and Registration.

In search of community! Join LTU Scholars!

The LTU Scholars Program is an inclusive, close-knit community of students who support one another's academic and life goals. Becoming an LTU Scholar offers many benefits, including academic and social support from the professional Scholars staff and fellow LTU Scholars.

LTU Scholars meet on a regular basis to discuss a number of academic and professional topics, in addition to enjoying food, fellowship, and the occasional off-campus adventure.

The LTU Scholars Program runs throughout the academic year and is open to new and continuing students of all majors and backgrounds. LTU Scholars has no minimum GPA or membership requirements and is open to any LTU student looking for a diverse, supportive community. Complete the short interest form below to get started today!

Online Interest Form

Student Feature: Jaylen

You may not write like J. K. Rowling, but we’ll help you find your words.

The  Horldt Family Writing Center  assists LTU students with their writing needs online using CANVAS, Zoom or In-person. The center is staffed by faculty members who will meet with students one-on-one. Throughout the year they host various workshops to spotlight a multitude of writing resources and common writing mistakes.

The Horldt Family Writing Center is located around the corner from the One Stop Center (University cashier) and can be reached at  WritingCenter@ltu.edu .

Michelle Kustarz
Interim Director:  Laura McCann

A culture of relevance and ownership!

The Math Placement program focuses on improving students' algebraic skills and the application of functions. It is found that students who perform poorly in math, because of inadequate math preparation, are limited in their potential and have increased educational costs, increased time to graduation, and may be the cause for a student to drop-out.

Topics cover (polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric) functions, and circles. The math placement test objectives are for students to be able to solve equations: quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric, to graphically and numerically represent functions, applications of the above functions in real world problems, concepts needed for calculus sequence.

If you are a newly admitted freshmen or transfer undergrad student whose placement scores have placed you on the borderline of College Algebra or Pre-Calculus, we provide a free 3-day summer workshop to help you reconnect algebra and pre-calculus fundamentals.  The workshop is taught by current professors and on the last day you will have the opportunity to retake your placement exam. 

In the Fall term the students who attend the College Algebra and Pre-Calculus courses are offered weekly labs for continued math function preparation. 

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For more information contact Prof. Bashkim Zendeli at   bzendeli@ltu.edu  .

Follow the process!

The Academic Achievement Center had students in mind when they began developing the Math Study Guide Series. These modules, focused on solving math problems, were developed by students using input from professors and student tutors. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Take the Pre Quiz  - The pre quiz will help you see areas you may need to review.
  2. View the corresponding Video - The video will show you how to solve similar problems step by step.
  3. Take the Post Quiz - The post quiz will challenge you to use the knowledge reinforced in the review videos to show greater understanding of the math process and concepts.

Note taking can be so much easier!

Are you a student with a medically-diagnosed temporary or permanent disability that affects your note-taking effectiveness and efficiency? For students who qualify, the Office of Disability Services offers one-on-one meetings with a dedicated advisor who can be an advocate for you on campus and provide you key insight to University resources. You may also be eligible to utilize a special software, Glean, that uses voice recognition to record and translate voice to text.

Please reach out to  disability@ltu.edu  for more information.

Coordinator:  Veronica Selke

The Office of Career Services offers a multitude of resources to help you make effective career-planning decisions. Oftentimes people struggle to find the words that highlight their skill sets, but a career service advisor can do a mock interview session and help you identify your strengths.  The advisors are also really good at helping you leverage your education and experiences to find a career path that best suits you. You can have an individual meeting or participate in a variety of activities such as employer chats, career fairs, career and employee related workshops, and more.

You can learn more about and participate in career Service programs by activating your Handshake account or contacting the office at  ltuocs@ltu.edu .

Career Advisor:  Jim Ritz

In search of community!

Studies show that students have a better college experience when they are involved. Getting involved creates community among those with similar interests. Whether you join or start a student organization, strive to be a leader. You can use the skills you gain in your future endeavors. Workshops such as leadership transition, effective communication, building community, and fundraising. 

If you're interested in setting up a workshop for your organization reach out to:


Coordinator:  Eula Muckleroy