What is TransLoc?

Tired of waiting at the Tech Transit stop, full of anxiety? Do you dream of a world where questions like "where is Tech Transit?" and "when will it be here?" can be answered without crystal balls and satellite surveillance?

Dream no more; the future is now!

The TransLoc app's popular real-time vehicle tracking shows you where Tech Transit is and when it will arrive at the stops it services. With up-to-the-minute visualizations you can finally take the guesswork out of public transit.


  • Real-time Tech Transit tracking in your hands.
  • Prediction technology that goes beyond simple schedules to provide remarkably accurate arrival times.
  • Announcements about service interruptions and more delivered instantly to your device.

Visit http://ltu.transloc.com/ to view real time data on your computer.

Download now the app for your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone:

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