Unit Five

Systems of Equations

Unit Objective:
Solve two linear equations in two unknowns; approximate the solution graphically; solve the system algebraically by substitution or addition-subtraction (elimination); solve the system using determinants, Cramer's Rule; solve three linear equations in three unknowns algebraically or with determinants, Cramer's Rule; evaluate 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 determinants.

*All assignments are in Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus 7th edition by Allyn J. Washington, 2000.

Method of Evaluation:
The unit test will be a pencil and paper quiz taken at your class site. The test will be administered by the instructor or by a proctor. Please see the course schedule for the exact time and date of the unit test.

Objective One
Be able to determine if a given pair of values is a solution to a linear equation.

Objective Two
Use slope intercept or the 2-point method to graph lines.

Objective Three
Learn to estimate the solution to 2 x 2 equations from the graph.

Objective Four
Learn to solve 2 x 2 equations algebraically by substitution or elimination.

Objective Five
Evaluate 2 x 2 determinants and use Cramer's Rule to solve 2 x 2 systems.

Objective Six
Solve 3 x 3 systems algebraically.

Objective Seven
Evaluate 3 x 3 determinants and use Cramer's Rule to solve 3 x 3 systems.


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