Unit Four

Trigonometry - triangles

Unit Objective:
Learn the meaning of degrees and radians and be able to convert between them; definition of the 6 trigonometric functions in a right triangle and in the plane; the signs of the trigonometric functions in the four quadrants.  Use a calculator to find trigonometric functions or angles; solve right triangles; determine the trigonometric functions of special angles; solve word problems involving right triangles; find the six trigonometric functions for an angle, whose terminal side passes through any point in the plane; use reference angles to find both angles with a given trigonometric function.

*All assignments are in Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus 7th edition by Allyn J. Washington, 2000.

Method of Evaluation:
The unit test will be a pencil and paper quiz taken at your class site. The test will be administered by the instructor or by a proctor. Please see the course schedule for the exact time and date of the unit test.

Objective One
Understand the terms for angles, angle measurement, standard position, quadrant, and coterminal.  Be able to convert between degrees and radians.

Objective Two
Learn the definition of the six trigonometric functions in a plane, for an angle whose terminal side goes through the point (x, y)..

Objective Three
Be able to use your calculator to find trigonometric ratios or angles.

Objective Four
Identify the hypotenuse, adjacent side and opposite side in a right triangle for a given angle.  Learn the definitions of the six trigonometric ratios and be able to use trigonometric functions to solve right triangles.

Objective Five
Be able to apply trigonometric functions to right triangle problems.  Note: Angles of elevation and depression are always measured from the horizontal.


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