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Tech Math 1 - Unit4 - Objective 5 Worksheet

Answer the following questions. 1)A tree has a shadow 17.0 feet long. From the point on the ground at the end of the shadow, the angle of elevation to the top of the tree is measured to be .How tall is the tree? 2)A 20.0 foot ladder leans against the side of a house. The angle between the ground and the ladder is . How far from the house is the foot of the ladder? 3) The highlights of an automobile are set such that the beam drops 2.5 inches for each 25 feetin front of the car. What is the angle between the beam and the road? 4)From the top of a cliff 125 meters high, the angle of depression to a boat is How far is the boat from the foot of the cliff? 5)The length of a kite string, assumed straight, is 570 feet.The angle of elevation of the kite is .How high is the kite? 6)A 20 foot by 32 foot rectangular foundation is being marked off. Stakes have been placed at the corners. To make sure the angles are really , the crew must measure both of the diagonals. What should this distance be?

Unit 4 Outline