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Tech Math 1 - Unit2 - Objective 6 Worksheet

Translate words into math expressions and solve. 1)A discount store sells personal computers for $920.00.This price is 80% of the price at a wholesale store.What is the wholesale price? How much will you save at the discount store?

2)Sally invested $4500.00. Part of it was invested at 7.5% and part of it was 6%. After one year her interest was $303.00.How much was invested at each rate?

3)The worker on machine A can complete a certain job in 6 hours. The worker on machine B can do the same job in 4 hours.In a rush situation, how long would it take both machines to do the job?

4)To generate hydrogen in a chemical lab, a 40% solution of Sulphuric acid is needed. You have 50 ml of an 86% solution of sulhpuric acid. How many ml of water should be added to dilute the solution to the required 40% sulphuric acid?

5)How many kilograms of nicker silver containing 18% zinc and how many kilograms of nickel silver containing 31% zinc must be melted together to produce 700 kg of a new nickel silver containing 22% zinc?

Unit 2 Outline