Unit One

Limits and Derivatives

Unit Objective:
Understand the concept of limits, continuity, slope of a tangent line, definition of a derivative, rate of change, and derivative of polynomials. Learn and be able to apply the basic rules for finding the derivative. This unit should take no more than 2 weeks to complete.

*All assignments are in Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus 7th edition by Allyn J. Washington, 2000.

Method of Evaluation:
The unit test will be a pencil and paper quiz taken at your class site. The test will be administered by the instructor or by a proctor. Please see the course schedule for the exact time and date of the unit test.

Objective One
Understand the concept of continuity and limit.
Note: Function rule is not continuous when the denominator is zero.

Objective Two
Be able to find the slope of a secant line and the slope of a tangent line.

Objective Three
Learn the definition of the derivative and how to use it. Know the different notations for the derivative.

Objective Four
Be able to determine the instantaneous rate of change of a function.

Objective Five
Be able to find the derivative using the basic rules:

a) d/dx(constant)=0



d) d/dx(f+g)=f´ + g´

Unit Review


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