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Unit 4 Objective 4 Worksheet- Min/Max Applications

Answer the following questions. Use teh back of this sheet if you need more room. 1) For what value of x does have a minimum value? 2) The current(im amperes) in a circuit is given by the equation Where t is the time in seconds. a)At what time does the current reach its maximum value? b)What is the maximum current? 3) What is the area of the largest rectangle which can be inscribed in the first quadrant under the parabola (Sketch the parabola and a rectangle) 4) Use the second derivative test to find minimum and maximum values for 5) George has 1200 yards of fence and is fencing a rectangular area along the river with two interior fences parallel to the sides. No fence is needed along the river. What should the dimensions be so that the total area is a maximum?

Unit 4 Outline