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Unit 3 - Objective 3 Worksheet - Related Rates

Complete the following questions. Use the back of this sheet if you need more room. 1) The electric resistance of a certain resistor as a function of temperature is given by R=4.0+.003T2, where R is a measured in ohms and T is degree celcius. If the temperature is increasing at the rate of , find how fast the resistance changes when . 2) A firm found that its profit was p dollars for the production of x tons per week of a product according to the function. Determine the rate of change of profit if production is increasing such that when x=4.0 tons/week. 3) The relation between the voltage V which produces a current I in a wire of radius r is If the current increases at the rate of 0.02 A/s in a wire of 0.04 inch radius, find the rate at which the voltage is increasing.(Hint: The radius of the wire is a constant, substitute the value in first.) 4) A ladder is slipping down along a vertical wall. If the ladder is 10.0 ft long, and the top of it is sliping at the constant rate of 10.0 ft/s, how fast is the bottom of the ladder moving along the ground when the bottom is 6.0 ft from the wall? 5) A spherical ballon is filled with gas at a rate of . Determine the rate at which the radius of the ballon is increasing when the radius is 2 ft.

Unit 3 Outline