Unit 4
Exponents and Radicals

Unit Objective
Be able to simplify, add, subtract, multiply, and divide radicals. Rationalize a numerator or denominator with one or two terms; also rationalize nth roots. This unit should take no more than 2 weeks to complete.

*All assignments are in Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus 7th edition by Allyn J. Washington, 2000.

Method of Evaluation
The unit test will be a pencil and paper exam given at your class site. The test will be administered by the instructor or by a proctor. Please see the course schedule for the exact time and date of the unit test.

Objective One
Review exponent rules for integral exponents.

Objective Two
Understand and be able to work with fractional exponents.

Objective Three
Be able to simplify radicals.

  • Read 11.3, pages 309-311.
  • Complete Work Exercises, page 312 #1-21 odd, 33-37 odd 51,53,54.
  • Quick Review sheet 4-3.

Objective Four
Be able to rationalize a single term denominator.

  • Read 11.3, pages 311-312.
  • Complete Work Exercises, page 312 #23-27 odd, 39,45,47,49,56.
  • Quick Review sheet 4-4.

Objective Five
Be able to add and subtract radical expressions.

  • Read 11.4, pages 312-314.
  • Complete Work Exercises, page 314 #1-15 odd, 21-29 odd, 33,37.
  • Quick Review sheet 4-5.

Objective Six
Be able to multiply radical expressions.

Objective Seven
Be able to divide radicals and rationalize expressions with two terms.

  • Read 11.5, pages 316-317.
  • Complete Work Exercises, page 318 #21,23,29,31,33,35,37,39 51- 59 odd.
  • Quick Review sheet 4-7.


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