Tech Math 2 - Unit 2– Objective 4- WorkSheet

  1. A 6500 pound truck is parked on a ramp that is at a   angle with the horizontal. Find the component of the truck’s weight that is
      1. parallel to the surface of the ramp and
      2. normal to the surface of the ramp.

  1. A jet plane is traveling due east at an airspeed of 700 km/h. If a wind of 80 km/hr if blowing due southwest, find the magnitude and direction of the plane's resultant velocity.

  2. An airplane in level flight drops an object. The plane was traveling at 180 m/s at a height of 7500 m. The vertical component of the dropped object is given by -9.8t m/s. What is the magnitude of the velocity of the object after 8 s? At what angle with the ground is the object moving at the time?

    Unit 2 Outline