The distance d between any two points  and in a plane is 
		given by the distance formula:

		Example 1
		Find the distance between (2,-7) and (-1,-3).



		The coordinates of the midpoint m between any two points 
		are given by the mid point formula:


		Example 2
		Find the midpoint of a line segment between (2,-5) and (7,-1).


		The slope of a line measures the steepness of the line. The slope also indicates whether as 		
		values of x increases, a line is rising (positive slope), falling (negative slope) or constant
		(slope of 0).

		 Slope of a Line
		The slope of a line through two points is


		All lines except vertical lines have a slope. The slope of a vertical line is undefined and the
		slope of a horizontal line is 0.

		Example 3
		Slope of a line joining (2,-5) and (-2,1)
		If we start at (-2,1)

		If two lines are parallel, they have the same inclination, so parallel lines have 		
		the same slope. If two lines are perpendicular, they intersect at a 

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