Unit 1 - Objective 2 - Trigonometric Functions of Angles
Quick Review

The acute angle between the terminal side of and the x-axis is called the reference angle for .

For example:

1st Quadrant2nd Quadrant

3rd Quadrant4th Quadrant

Remember from Technical Mathematics 1 that the signs of the trigonometric functions depend on the quadrant.

Sin and Csc
are positive.
are positive.
Tan and Cot
are positive.
Cos and Sec
are positive.

Use this as a memory aid:
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Example 1

tan 300°
300° is in the 4th quadrant,
so the answer will be negative.
(It should be 300° not 310°)

Example 2

sec 225°
225° is in the 3rd quadrant,
so the answer will be negative.

Example 3

sin 163°
163° is in the 2nd quadrant,
so the answer will be positive.
Ref = 180° - 163° = 17°
You can use a calculator to find the answer which is 0.292.

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