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MCS1113 Technical Mathematics 2

P. Lowry


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Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, 7th edition, by Washington


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  • Technical Mathematics 1 internet site
  • Video tapes

MCS1113 Technical Mathematics 1, or equivalent

Course Description
The course covers trigonometric functions, vectors and applications, graphs of trigonometric functions, identities, exponents and radicals, complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, and determinants. This is a course in which you work at your own rate and should take no more than 15 weeks to complete. The material is divided into 8 math modules (units). They are mastery-oriented (so you can learn everything) and flexibly paced (so you can learn the material as rapidly as you like). When the assignments in a module are completed and understood, a module test is taken. There is also a comprehensive final exam. A module test, on which a grade below 75 is scored, may be retaken ONLY once with the higher of the two scores counting towards the student's average. Each module test can be taken no more than twice. The final exam may only be taken ONCE. If a student is found with any unauthorized materials while taking a test, the right to a retest is forfeited and a zero grade is recorded for that module.

Attendence will be taken every Tuesday and failure to attend class will affect your final grade. I will be available during class to answer questions on the modules, review module worksheets, administer module tests, review tests you have completed, and discuss your progress in the course. Tutors will also be available in the evenings in the Academic Achievement Center in the Science Building. Besides meeting on Tuesday evenings, individual times will be arranged for you and me to talk every week on your progress in the course.

The semester grade is based 55% on your module tests, 10% is based on the worksheets, and 35% of your grade is based on the final exam. A recommended schedule will be distributed on the first night of class. If you follow the recommended schedule, your lowest unit test can be dropped.

Each module has an assignment sheet keyed to the book, Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus by Allyn J. Washington and utilizes video tapes and worksheets. You may view a video tape which corresponds to a module in the Academic Achievement Center in the Science Building. A scientific calculator is needed. When you watch the video tapes, you should take notes. Don't hesitate to work together.

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