Sustainable, mutually beneficial industry relationships support Lawrence Technological University's vision to set the standard for preparing leaders to solve the diverse challenges of the 21st century.

LTU is about “Theory and Practice” – taking abstract ideas into the real world to solve tomorrow’s problems. We support a variety of mutually beneficial partnerships at a university, department, program, and classroom level. If you are viewing this page, you likely want to know how you can either develop and/or expand your relationship with LTU. 

Our most valuable partnerships are strategic in nature, align activities to specific objectives, and involve aspects of many (if not all) of the items below. These partnerships have many moving parts and may benefit from the development of a Comprehensive University Partnership Plan.

Let’s start with what you are trying to accomplish.

Industry Sponsored Research

Lawrence Technological University has a well-established history of collaborating with entrepreneurs and companies for the mutual benefit of industry, students, and faculty. To better serve the needs of industry, Lawrence Tech has created a streamlined Industry Engagement Process. This Process is designed to expedite the creation of partnerships with industry sponsors for specific projects and programs, while being flexible enough to ensure that the terms of the university-industry relationship best fit the needs of both parties.

Learn more about LTU's research institutes:

LTU’s research institutes represent some of the available opportunities, and we’re open to proposals from industry partners. Visit the Research Support page for more information  or email us to discuss your research needs.

Student Projects

Perhaps you have a great idea, but your company doesn’t have the team to explore it. Maybe it’s an important project that has been delayed, or a product or process that requires refinement. In today’s global economy where business and industry continue to downsize and resources are scarce, how do you remain competitive while maintaining your bottom line?

Industry-sponsored projects offer companies an innovative, high-quality, cost-effective way to conduct research or develop new products while tapping into the expertise, energy, and enthusiasm of top-notch engineering faculty and students. Sponsors also gain access to the University’s high-tech testing and diagnostic facilities.

LTU students have worked on projects that range from lithium-ion battery manufacturing and guitar synthesizers to power modules for tiny robots, civil and architectural design, biomedical innovation, and more. Dare to get involved – let’s talk about project opportunities for your organization. Also: 

Design challenges are another way LTU can help support your goals. Past challenge programs include:

Campus Innovation and Entrepreneurship

LTU distinguishes itself and its graduates by providing excellent technical skills curricula combined with the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ that cultivates curiosity, connections, and creating value. “Individuals need a mindset that adds ‘know-why’ to technical ‘know-how’ to contribute to the success of their colleagues and employers, as well as to create value for others.

In keeping with these values, we’re developing a sustainable, multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to support students and faculty innovation activities, including: 

  • The Centrepolis Accelerator, which supports hardware entrepreneurs and assists with moving their products to market.

Talent Pipeline

Partnerships formed for the purpose of creating a strong, cognitively diverse talent pipeline result in graduates who are uniquely ready to take on the challenges and opportunities today and into the future.  Your organization can develop relationships with LTU students now to help inform what students are learning to be ready for the future of work. 

We have students who are looking for purposeful projects and/or work experiences to apply what they are learning in class. Consider:

  • Working with underclassmen as part of a project/practicum/clinical rotation
  • Supporting student organizations on campus
  • Participation in campus Career Fairs
  • Including LTU as a “school of choice” on Handshake. Handshake partners with more than 1,000 colleges and universities to help students find great jobs and internships - and employers find great candidates! 

LTU can also help your organization identify ways for you or your employees to stay current and/or advance their skills. We have a variety of different options to meet your needs.

Alumni Engagement

Being a graduate of Lawrence Tech means that you can count yourself amongst an impressive group of 35,000+ alums.

We are here to support you and your goals well beyond your time in the classroom.

Alumni enjoy:

Contact the Development & Alumni Relations team to learn more about alumni benefits and engagement opportunities!

Comprehensive Partnership Planning

Contact us today to discuss a plan for your organization.

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Blue Devil Motorsports

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