July 21, 2020


I am writing today to provide you with LTU's approach to the Fall 2020 semester, and to thank you for both your patience and your assistance in developing this plan. We have evaluated academic and residential options thoroughly, as well as the potential measures to mitigate risk.

We are grateful to all of our own colleagues who have dedicated many hours to these efforts, as well as the outside experts who have advised us on all matters.  Having said that, we must acknowledge that new events may require changes to our carefully considered plans. If that happens, we will communicate as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Below are some highlights of actions taken. More information can be found in the attached Guidance Document.

Classrooms and Teaching: The Colleges, along with Campus Facilities and the Registrar, have updated all information on the room capacity for each classroom.  In many cases, furniture has been moved or modified. Additionally, much work has been done to accommodate the various modes of teaching that may be used (hybrid, online, on ground).

Housing and Dining: We will have residential housing in the fall. Areas have been modified to maximize social distancing, and a separate pod of rooms has been dedicated to any potentially infected students. The plans that have been developed were reviewed and approved by the Oakland County Health Department's Medical Director.

Student Life: A daily health screening will be required by all, including our students. At this time, a google document is being used, but a computer app through Rave Guardian will replace that form before school starts.All requirements for wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and other safety measures will be enforced.For students, it will be through the Student Code of Conduct. For employees, it will be through the regular process of disciplining employees.

Facilities, Cleaning and Signage: Facilities has increased its cleaning across campus. There are over 100 hand sanitizer stations that have been deployed across campus, and bottles of disinfectant will be made available for every department and classroom. Signage can also be seen both on exterior doors and interior doors, reminding people about masks and social distancing.

As the fall semester begins, we will be monitoring the plans we have put in place to see if any modifications are needed. The situation is fluid, and we ask for your patience as we settle into our new normal.

For now, I hope that you and your families are safe. I appreciate your support, patience and assistance as we move into the fall semester.

Virinder Moudgil Signature

Virinder K. Moudgil, PhD
President and CEO

July 20, 2020


The health of our community is of the utmost importance. If a member of our community is not wearing a mask, we ask that you approach them and provide a friendly reminder. If they are non-compliant or are a habitual offender, please report the violation here:

July 13, 2020


Below is a federally required report that identifies the fact that LTU received a grant from the CARES Act to assist in expenses relating to the delivery of instruction due to the coronavirus pandemic [ FULL REPORT PDF 

April 27, 2020


The COVID-19 global pandemic has altered our lives like nothing we have ever experienced and upended the normal processes and activities of our social interaction, business, travel, and education at all levels. I am so proud that the students, faculty, and staff at Lawrence Technological University have worked together and made the best of this difficult situation, enabling our spring semester and soon, our summer semester, to continue without diminishing progress or momentum. 

Much is unsettled in the months ahead as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Michigan authorities set timetables for reopening and rules for social distancing. The fundamental question is whether we and other schools will be permitted to reopen for our usual August start of classes and under what new regulations and guidelines.

For this coming fall semester, Lawrence Tech intends to welcome students to the campus in our usual numbers, while being cognizant of and prudent about the safety of our community of scholars. We are committed to remaining and growing as both a commuter and a strong residential campus. All students benefit from the campus being more supportive and convenient, and research shows that students who reside or spend more time on campus do better academically. As generations of alumni have so aptly proven to us, it is LTU’s focus on experiential learning, theory and practice, working together, that leads them to some of our nation’s highest salaries and levels of career success. 

At this time, as all colleges and universities are doing, we are considering a number of options as we approach the fall semester. New policies may be implemented to minimize contact between low risk and high risk groups. Preliminary possibilities, none set in stone as yet, include more hybrid classes with online components, or perhaps more virtual laboratories or studios. Face coverings may be required and group gatherings above a certain size may be prohibited. Deep cleaning of facilities will continue. Health testing procedures may be instituted. As our state and national leaders assess progress on dealing with the pandemic and make recommendations, we expect to be able to announce LTU’s plans for the fall on July 1. 

Please know that our strategies will be to assure the health and safety of our entire Lawrence Tech community while moving forward with our inspired mission to prepare new generations of leaders. Over nearly 90 years, by working together, LTU Blue Devils have overcome all challenges and grown ever stronger. That is our legacy, and that is our future. 

Stay strong!


Virinder K. Moudgil, PhD
President and CEO

April 15, 2020


I hope that this message will find you well and safe as we battle this pandemic. It seems that with all the difficulties that the social distancing and the stay-at-home mandates impose, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, relatively soon, we will be able to return to a state of normalcy in our personal, school, and work lives.

After careful consideration and a desire to continue to serve our students to the best of our ability, we have decided to offer all classes in the Summer 2020 semester through distance learning, using LTU’s online platforms.

Over the last few summers we increased the number of courses offered online in order to better serve you, our students, who had returned back home for the summer, be it across the country and throughout the world. Even for those living locally, taking courses online in the summer term has been very convenient in accommodating your summer work schedules. This summer, with all our students already at home, it does not make sense to open the campus for on-ground summer classes. 

We are very proud of all of our students, and also our faculty, for the ways you have adapted to a highly unusual spring semester. Lawrence Tech’s laptop program, coupled with your own ease with technology, helped us to transition quickly and with no significant problems. We are a technological university and it showed during our incredibly smooth shift to a completely online environment, with very little advance warning.

Due to the need to extend the Spring semester by one week because of COVID-19, and because final grades will not be available until May 20, 2020, we will postpone the start of this summer term to May 26, 2020. The summer term will still be 10 weeks long, ending on July 31, 2020. We hope that by postponing the start of the term to May 26, we will provide sufficient time for students both to rest and to evaluate their plans for taking summer courses. Note that we will return to our regular letter grading system for all classes offered in Summer 2020 as we are now all well-prepared for successfully managing online course delivery.

As always, please stay safe, and study and work hard.

Best Regards,

Maria Vaz, PhD 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

March 26, 2020


Clinical Counseling Services is available to assist you as we deal with the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 on our campus and global community. To schedule an appointment email us at clinicalcounseling@ltu.edu.  We will be in touch to set up an appointment via Zoom and have you fill out any necessary paperwork. We are also scheduling any regular or ongoing appointments you may have had.  Please refer to the attachment and links below as they contain links to the MySSP app and to helpful resources to support your mental health. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Additional Resources:

Strategies for coping 

Coronavirus anxiety resources

Coronavirus Q&A

Dr. Jeffrey Betman
Christy Schulze, LLPC

March 25, 2020


LTU student employees are classified as non-essential and will not be working on campus during the current “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order.  In most cases, student employees can not complete their job functions off-campus. Exceptions to work off-campus as a student employee must be approved by the Dean of Students. Only supervisors can request an exception. Supervisors should email studean@ltu.edu. Please provide the first and last name of the student, and the necessary work responsibilities. An approval or disapproval will be communicated within 24 hours.

March 19, 2020


LTU Campus Facilities is currently reassigning cleaning staff to allow for dedicated sanitization of occupied offices and spaces. Personnel will disinfect and sanitize common touch points used by employees and campus guests. Routine services will continue for each office occupied office space as well as to clean and sanitize bathrooms.  Classrooms will be sanitized, locked and removed from use. We ask for your cooperation in not using or entering any room that has been sanitized and labeled.

Campus Facilities staff continue to utilize long-established safety processes and protocols that apply and we have reviewed and refreshed these with our staff.