June 1, 2020


Telecommuting Policies and Procedures

Lawrence Tech is pleased to announce a Telecommuting Policy and Procedure for staff and administrators. We consider telecommuting a viable, flexible work option for rare cases where it is mutually agreed upon that both the employee and their job is suitable for such an arrangement. Telecommuting may be appropriate for some employees and their jobs but not for others. Immediate supervisors, and their supervisors, are responsible for making this determination and completing a Telecommuting Arrangement form in DocuSign - Envelope 12.

Telecommuting Policies and Procedures [PDF]

For interpretation of this policy, please contact Deshawn Johnson, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, on extension 2117 or at djohnson@ltu.edu.

March 20, 2020


Office of Human Resources is here to answer your questions. If you have a medical condition that would make you a high or very high exposure risk, please contact Starlett Sinclair, Senior Manager Benefits and HRIS, at benefits@ltu.edu.

March 18, 2020


This message is a follow-up to the message that Dr. Moudgil sent yesterday after our leadership team evaluated the situation with the corona virus. Although all of us wished to allow our students to come back to campus, and continue our lives as we had planned, the reality is that is it impossible to do it. 

As a result of the continuing spread of COVID-19 and following the guidelines and mandates from CDC, Governor Whitmer and President Trump we made some hard decisions related to the future until the end of the semester.

Probably the most important decision was to continue to teach our classes online through the end of the semester. We all know that this is not going to be an easy task, but we are a resilient, creative and dedicated group and we will find ways to work with our students and make this semester a successful one. The e-Learning office and the Help Desk will continue to support you, by phone, on-line or in person. As needed please ask for assistance. Also, please discuss your issues and questions with your department head as many issue will need their advice and their assistance.  They are available to help you to solve your problems. All classes offered by Lawrence Tech on campus or off campus are under the same directives.

Most of the students that were still on campus left.  NAIA cancelled all the spring competitions, and the athletes that were on campus to prepare for the competitions are heading home. We would not compete in the Motor Sports competitions although we expect that they will be cancelled. All students that were on campus preparing their vehicles for the competition are also headed home. Most of our student assistants are also released as we want to minimize the number of people on campus.   Even many of our international students decided to go home for the remainder of the semester. We still have some students on campus, mostly international students because we are home to them. We will take care of them and continue to support them until the end of the semester. 

The campus will continue to be open, although most of the offices will be staffed with a rotation of personnel. The deans will send you a message with the schedule of the offices in the colleges.  The staff and administrators that are not on campus will be working from home and we will be available for meetings and we will continue our functions through ZOOM, on the phone or email. Please refer to the CANVAS website “Teaching and Working for Home” for new information. This website as well as the President’s communication will keep you informed on the resources that you have available as well as changes that will happen as this very fluid situation continues to evolve. 

With this in mind please see below several things that you should do now to prepare for Monday:

  1. Test your connection from home this week and see that all the tools that you are going to use are working properly. You and your students do not need to be frustrated on Monday when things are not working properly. As an example that just happened to be yesterday, I was connected in ZOOM with several people for the first time, my microphone did not work and they could not hear me. The solution was very easy, but I did not know of it. After I learned it, I helped someone else later in the day with the same problem. Contact eLearning to set up a quick Zoom test call. 

If your home WIFI bandwidth is not enough to deliver a class without difficulties, you can come to campus and deliver your class from your office. You will still be isolated, but you will give a better experience to your students.

  1. Review your syllabus and make any needed modifications to due dates, assignments and exams.  Clearly explain your expectations for your class going forward – required attendance in Zoom sessions, etc.
  1. Please contact your students and explain the plan for your class and any changes that you will have to make.  Be sure students have links to any Zoom meetings that you have scheduled and advise them to also test their connections to ensure a smooth first session.  Assure them that you are there for them and perhaps offer office hours (via Zoom) to discuss any concerns. 
  1. If you are experienced with on-line teaching, please assist your colleagues and if you are not please contact eLearning for help and strategies to teach online.  

The eLearning Office will continue to email you directly with important updates as needed. 

Resources for Teaching and Working Off Campus

Contact eLearning Services :  248.204.2380 | e-mail: elearning@ltu.edu

Although the Library is closed due to the executive directive of the governor, the librarians will continue to support students and faculty online and by phone.

There are still several issues that we have to discuss with the deans and department chairs, such as laboratories and project courses. I am confident that we will find solutions that will work for both faculty and students. 

In addition, one important function that needs to take place is student advising which starts on April 13.   Please work with your department chair to ensure that you will still be able to advise your students online, through email or on the phone as they will need to register for classes in the period that we have assigned. The retention of our students is extremely important for us and you are an important part of it. The University Advising Center and the Academic Achievement Center are resources to you as we continue the academic operations of the university.

Finally, I just want to thank you for the effort and the positive attitude that you all have in face of this great disruption that all of us know is temporary. We are a great team of faculty, staff and students and we will move forward. I am sure that we will all learn from this experience that will also enrich our lives. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you very much,

Maria Vaz, PhD