Spring Semester Welcome and COVID reminder

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Parents, and Friends –

Happy new year and best wishes for a productive and successful spring semester. We’re glad to welcome our students back!

As you may have read elsewhere, Lawrence Tech is providing face-to-face instruction this semester as much as possible, augmented, when necessary, with hybrid and e-learning courses. Students have overwhelmingly told us that face-to-face learning is the method they prefer. A Lawrence Tech education, with its remarkable return on investment, is still very much worth the effort, even during the pandemic’s disruptions.

We’re very confident in offering face-to-face learning under appropriate conditions because of the splendid diligence our campus community showed in following health and safety protocols during the fall semester. However, the pandemic is not over. We need to continue wearing masks, practicing social distancing, limiting social activity, washing hands frequently, disinfecting our environments, and other safety procedures. Very importantly, these measures need to be followed not only on campus but off campus as well as at events, jobs, gatherings of friends and family, at restaurants, while shopping, and more.

We’re all very interested in the rollout plans for the COVID-19 vaccine. This phased rollout likely will take a number of months to complete. First priority are front line healthcare workers, emergency personnel, and the elderly. It ultimately fans out to all of us as a larger supply of vaccines become available. Please watch the news and contact your local health department or your personal healthcare provider when it is appropriate for you to make an appointment for your vaccine inoculation. The latest vaccine information can be found at:

While the pandemic continues to affect all of us, in these difficult times I am heartened by your patience, cooperation, and the ways we work together to overcome any obstacles. Keep up your good efforts and know how much we’re cheering for your continued progress and accomplishments.


Virinder K. Moudgil, PhD
President and CEO

The latest information about Lawrence Technological University's response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Please visit it frequently for updates that will be posted chronologically, with the most recent news leading each section.

January 22, 2021*

Active Residential Cases



Active Overall Cases



Active Residential Quarantine



Active Overall Quarantine



*data updated daily M-F

Current numbers include about 40% of quarantines due to direct exposure & 60% of the quarantines are for preventive precaution.