extreme science saturday

Open to high school students of all ages, eXtreme Science Saturdays provides participants with a virtual experience in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Students will explore blood Analysis and DNA Isolation, learn about starting their own business and create their very own circuits.

Fall 2021
Spring 2022
September 18
Level Up: LTU Esports Program
Coach Danielle Sirekis
January 8
You Are the Biomedical Engineer: Make your own circuit!
Ms. Maddie Turley
October 16
Virtual Reality and Eye Tracking
Professor Franco Delogu
February 12
Entrepreneurial Mindset and Starting Your Own Business
Dr. Matt Cole and Dr. Jackie Stavros
November 6
CSI: Blood Analysis and DNA Isolation
Professor Fauzia Siddiq
March 12
Fun with Programming with Raspberry Pi
Mr. Chris Guirlanda

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Sessions will be held from 10 am - 12:30 pm
All programs are $15 and will be held on campus.

Call 248.204.2227 or email scollins@ltu.edu.

We invite all of our participants to fill out this brief survey after their Extreme Science Saturday sessions have concluded.

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