Civil Engineering - Dream Big! Design Big! Building Big!

Do you want to design and construct sustainable buildings? Bridges and highways? Create a cleaner environment? Civil engineers do it all. Learn how these professionals solve worldwide problems like supplying people with clean water and building safe structures and roads. With the help of knowledgeable faculty and current students, you’ll work in teams to build structures, conduct experiments, and compete in creative challenges. You'll visit Michigan's SEMTOC, a world-class traffic management center, and learn about the cutting-edge work being done in the field today.

Max. number of students: 15

Industrial Design: Product Design and Innovation

Product designers create the products we use today and innovate new ones for tomorrow, including electronics, toys, footwear, tools, sports equipment, and medical devices.  In this session, students will learn about the product development process and the methodology used by designers within industry to innovate new work for consumers through the development of an original product.   Their work will utilize an array of approaches, including iterative sketching and cutting-edge digital tools. Professional designers will visit the camp, offering visual communication demonstrations and a critic of student designs.

Max. number of students: 20

Interaction Design: Create a Mobile App
Explore the tools and techniques used in the emerging field of interaction design to create a functional prototype of your own mobile app. In a hands-on studio environment, you will ideate, experiment and test your design, while learning about user experience (UX), user interface (UX), and design-thinking strategies. Walk away with a portfolio-ready project.  You will also visit local design firms and hear guest talks from industry professionals. No prior experience necessary.

Max. number of students: 20
Architecture and Interior Design: 2-Dimensional Design Techniques
Explore the architectural design process through drawing. In this session, you will learn about the fundamentals of drawing, orthographic projection, and design through the completion of a small-scale architectural project. You’ll have one-on-one time with the instructor, participate in group critiques and prepare a final presentation. The content of this session is supported by visiting architects, in-class critiques, and field experience to local design event or a visit to Detroit-area architectural firms and noteworthy architectural works.

Max. number of students: 20
Biomedical Engineering
Explore the role of a biomedical engineer in designing procedures and equipment that assist in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and injury; make medical testing less intrusive; and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. Team projects will acquaint you with basic engineering design tools and the instrumentation used in medical settings.

Max. number of students: 20
In a research lab setting, you'll genetically engineer bacteria, purify and quantify proteins, and learn how to clone genes. You'll apply modern DNA profiling techniques to solve crimes and use high-tech tools to diagnose diseases and track infectious outbreaks. Your days will be filled with a hands-on experiments.

Max. number of students: 20
Leadership In Action
A summer training program that provides leadership development and motivational skills for high school students aspiring to be future leaders. The seminar is designed to help students learn how to overcome challenges as well as make use of their talents in an environment that enables them to find a sense of achievement.  Students will hear from business and community leaders who will share their experiences in leadership development and civic engagement. Bankole Thompson, a renowned journalist, author and media leader is the lead instructor for this seminar. He is a member of the Board of Advisors of the College of Business and Information Technology at Lawrence Technological University.

Max. number of students: 20