Families With Children

Graduation is a time for everyone to celebrate, including our littlest family members! 

Tickets: ALL children, including infants, require a ticket to the ceremony. This allows parents to have room for diaper bags, and young children a place of their own to enjoy the ceremony or play quietly.

Strollers: Strollers of any kind are NOT ALLOWED into the ceremony area. If you feel it absolutely necessary to bring one for transportation between your car and the Field House you will be required to leave it at our designated "Stroller Parking" upon entering the building. Strollers will be held in this area for the duration of the ceremony and families may pick them up when the ceremony has completely ended (after graduates, the stage party, and faculty have all exited the ceremony area).

During the Ceremony: In order to respect the formal nature of Commencement and the other guests in attendance, we ask that you take your child to back hallway of the Field House.  Please note: No one, including parents and children, will be allowed next to the stage in the ceremony area. Anyone in this area will be escorted to the back hallway of the Field House for the rest of the ceremony. 


Special Needs Graduates and Guests

If you are a graduate with special needs, email graduation@ltu.edu to make accommodations no later than October 30th.

Handicap parking will be available in front of the Field House. A state issued handicap placard is required.  

The venue is handicap accessible as it is one level - the majority of guest seating is folding chairs on the floor, and the remainder of seating is in bleachers.  Volunteers will be available to assist handicapped guests as needed.

Families with restless young children are welcome to go to the back hallway of the Field House.

An American Sign Language interpreter will be present at the ceremony and positioned on the left-hand side of the stage (facing the stage).