Congrats to all the students of Class 2020!!

Premlatha Raghunath
Jaydon Alter
Love you mom, congratulations on your graduation!

Jo Alter
Congrats! You did it! Uber proud of you!

Kimberly Felty
Ethan Williams,
Your Dad and I are so proud of you Ethan !! You worked hard for this.

Love you, Mom and Dad
Mercedes Richart,
4 years have flown by, you took every opportunity that was given to you, you studied abroad twice, became an RA, completed summer co-op in the heart of America, volunteered and have found your girl tribe. Now you will move on to this new phase of your life, we are so proud of you. A daughter of Jamaican and Puerto Rican immigrants. YOU DID IT LOVE YOU

Maria & Gus Richart
Alexander King,
Handsome Al! You did it I’m so proud of your accomplishments! I love you to the moon and back!

Alexander King,
So proud of you!! Congrats big brother  Keep up the hard work 

Aaron King
Luke Fraylick,
we are so proud of you. All your hard work and dedication in all your classes at LTU truly paid off. Congratulations on your Electrical Engineering Degree and your new job! You're amazing! We love you!

Mom and Dad
I have been waiting for this day for so long. However, in this special day, another dream fulfilled! I want to gift my graduation to my parents and thank them for all of their support and prayers 

Abdulaziz Alenzi
Abdulaziz Alhajeri,
Congratulations for you, you did it and you completed your goal!

Fares Alhajri
Brian Corbett,
Congratulations #7! Proud of all you have accomplished through hard work and perseverance. Cannot wait to watch you affect others for the better.

Kathy Corbett
We are so proud of you! Keep reaching for your dreams. We know there are so many blessings in your future

Uncle Luis, Auntie Kim, Daniel, Diego & Derek
Congratulations Joey!
We love you and are so proud of you. All of your hard work has certainly paid off !
Mom & Dad
Matthew Corse,
We are so proud of you. You have worked hard during the last 4 years with your studies and lacrosse. We’ve been looking forward to this day. Congratulations!!!
Love, Mom and Dad
Jaclyn Mattingly,
You did it Jack! Congratulations! Your dedication, hard work and motivation has paid off. I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments on and off the field. The sky is the limit and I am excited to see what your future holds at Abbott Laboratories. May God bless you always!

Love, Mom
Abdulaziz Alhajeri,
Totally trust my son that the only one who considers your success is his success is your parents: Your mother and father. Your success in anything resurrects me: Hope, happiness and life.

Your father: Prof. Mubarak Al-Hajri
Way to go class of 2020! We are all so proud of you all! Such a great achievement for you all! Congratulations!

Chuck Hill
Ryan Robinette,
We’re very proud of you! It’s been great to watch your journey both in the classroom and baseball field (#27). Best wishes as you start your career - we know you’ll do great things!!

Love, Mom and Dad
Thank you LTU!

Linda Sadik
Congratulations Class of 2020!!! Your hard work has paid off! I am very proud of each and every one of you. Celebrate this wonderful achievement!

Wishing you all the best always,
Dr. Castelli
Alexander Johnson,
Words can’t describe how proud we are of you, Xan! We love you so much and look forward to watching your story unfold. With your I wanna work ethic and integrity, you will go far. The world is yours, now enjoy!

Mom & Dad
Congratulations class of 2020. We are all so proud of you! Especially proud of my Kelsey Rose! Go get ‘em Baby Girl!!

Ashlyn Catania
Brenna Quinn,

Chris Quinn
Carrieann Towne,
We’re so very proud of what you’ve accomplished! Next chapter...

Towne Family
We are so proud of all the hard work & dedication you put in to both your studies and baseball over the last 4 years! Congrats!

The Cleasby's
New Leaders of the Free World. Do your thang!

Spencer Iaquinto
Caleb Homan,
Congratulations. You have received your reward for your hard work. Good luck in your future endeavors

Grandpa Larry and Grandma Rita
Abdulaziz Alhajeri,
I wish you all the best 3ziz

Husain Alshammari
Abdulaziz Alhajeri
On 30th of September a precious tiny (almost blue) creature was struggling to breathe! Born very early (you are always in a hurry!) and being premature baby you’ve been kept away for three days. My mother whispered to my father (That little boy will not survive!); however, I have faith in God and I knew you can do it. Now it’s the moment I’ve been waiting all my life to tell everybody....This is my hero and I’m so proud of him. You were born as a fighter...don’t hesitate to fight for what you believe in because you were born to win. 

A very proud mom
Congratulations to the graduates. Do not let the state of the country take away from your accomplishments at LTU. It is your time now to change the world for the better.

Kathy Corbett
Jaclyn Mattingly,
Congratulations Baby Cakes/Toots - We are so proud of you. You make our buttons burst. The sky is the limit in your future. Good Luck and Best Wishes always. God Bless you.

Love Grammy and Papa. XOXO
Jaclyn Mattingly,
Congrats Jackie! My "BioMedical Engineer" daughter. I'm so proud of the wonderful young lady you have become. Your hard work on the softball field and in the classroom has paid dividends. Keep striving to be the best version of yourself. God Bless.

Love, Dad.
Abdulaziz Alhajeri
You have endeavoured and made it, I wish you the best

Saad Alhajri
David Modock,
Congratulations!!!! We are so very proud of you!!! You have exceeded and done very well for yourself regardless of the things that has tried to block your way!!! You are an exceptional young man and God is still not through blessing you!!!! Keep expecting great things, keep God first, and the blessing of the Lord will over take you throughout your career journey!

We love you so much!! Your parents, Amir and Matique Graham
You've worked so hard and everyone is so proud of you <3

Xoxo Tay
Priyanka Kshatriya
Congratulations for the much deserved success!! You made us proud. All the very best

Pranali Kshatriya

The Class of 2020 has persevered through challenges that would have been unthinkable even a year ago. There aren't enough congratulatory words in the English language to describe what you've been able to accomplish despite incredible adversity. I look forward to helping the Marketing and Public Affairs staff chronicle what I'm sure will be your many successes in future issues of the LTU alumni magazine. Keep in touch, and don't be modest -- let us know when you do something wonderful!

Matt Roush