Congratulations Michael! We’re so proud of you!!

Shelby & Lilian

Michael Holland,
Congratulations Michael!! So proud of you.

Carole Bellestri

Michael Holland,
Congratulations on your Masters!!!! We are so happy and proud of all that you have accomplished. We can not wait to see what the future holds for you.

Gina Runya

Andrew Arnott,
Congratulations Andrew! We are so incredibly proud of you!!!

Sue Pellow

Nichole Hawk,
Congrats mother. I am so proud of you and all the work you put into this program. You are incredibly hardworking and it is amazing that you keep facing each challenge head-on. Love you.

Tasia Bass

Chaandan Phutane,
Congratulations on your graduation! You met all the challenges - academic, personal, and pandemic - and overcame them all.
You did it.
Such tough times around the world, but nothing stopped you from achieving what you desired for.
You are an inspiration for everyone around and wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.
You fought the worst, so, there is no challenge out there that you cannot win over… Have an amazing time with your loved ones… Blessings and prayers to you… CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS.

Vaishali Naresh Phutane

Andrew Arnott,
Congratulations Blue Devils!

Mike Arnott

Michael Holland,
We are so proud of you I love you very much!

Aunt Sheryl and uncle Dan

Jena Holden,
So proud of you Jen! Kicking butt! Northwestern Mutual is going to be a great next step in the journey! Love you!

Christian Plonka

Anjani Priyanka,

N Nidasanametlaco

Never give up, always chase your dreams, keep pushing, time don’t stop we’re not getting younger so live it up 2021 special shout out to LaKharia Mckinney AKA (BELLA) CONGRATULATIONS 2 HER & the CLASS AS WELL

Twan Bands

Abdulelah Alhelal,

Khalid Alobduwah

Lakharia McKinney,
Congratulation Daughter wishing you continued success much love!

Mom Angela

José Bravo,
Congratulations José!!!! We love you and we are very proud !!!!!

Maria Bravo

Timothy Powell,
Congratulations on your college graduation. May you find happiness in whatever dream you pursue!!

Uncle L, Auntie S, and fam

Antonia Armstrong,
We love u so very much, and I am so proud of you, your future is bright stay focus and I want u to know that sky is the limit.

Simetra Dozier

Anjani Punnamaraju,
Congratulations boo You have done it. Very proud of you as always.
Stay happy and always smiling.

Jaideep Kalapatapu

Jessica Matthews,
I’m so proud of you baby! You did it against all odds, nothing stopped you, and I’m so proud of you. Keep it up I love you.

Alexandria Day

Congratulations Sam <3

Sravan Ch

Class of 2021,
Your LTU learning will help in paving a great future for you in USA industries.

Hassan Moussawi

Spencer Iaquinto,
Congratulations and Best Wishes on your next venture!

Sam & Anne Iaquinto

Jalen Yonkers,
Congratulations Jalen. The future is yours! Continue making us proud. We love you

Dad, Mom, De, Ke, & Sadira

Congratulations GFX-2D20 we did it. Thank you all for being such an inspiration to me. Can't wait to see what our future holds.

Angela Hicks

Michael Holland,
Congratulations Michael!!! We’re all so proud of you!!

Cousin Ashley :)

Michael Holland,
We are so very proud of you!

Janette Vince

Alan Ayanegui,
We are so proud of you Alan . We know how hard you have worked to accomplish this goal being so far away from your loved ones . We love you and wish you the best of luck in your new ventures.

Laura Ayanegui

Mrynal Ganeshpure,
Congratulations Mruran. I am very proud of you.

Smita Ganeshpure

Heartiest congratulations Mrunal,
I am very happy and proud of you Mrunal.

Sanjay Ganeshpure

Ragam Rahul Yadav,
I wish I could be there for your grad. Cherish this moment. I'm so proud of u my little one. Wish you a good luck. Hoping to see you soon! I miss you and move you my brother

Ragam Bhavana

Mrunal Ganeshapure,
Heartiest congratulations. Very proud of you. May God bless you Mrunal.

Ashwini Betawadkar

Jalen Yonkers,
I'm so proud of you Grandson & wish I was there!! Congratulations!!

Theresa Robertson

Mrunal Ganeshpure,

Sanjay Wankhede

Christa Newing,
I am so very proud of you Christa. Continue through the process and you will reach your greatness. You are everything a man would want his daughter to be. I Love You So Much.

Chris Newing

Shelby Rasch,
Congratulations on graduating from LTU! I’m so proud of all you have accomplished. Wishing you a bright, exciting future!

Love always, Grandma Lillibridge

Allard Roen,
After being an LTU parent for several years now, I am so proud that I can say my Son and Son in Law are both now Graduates of this fine University. Congratulations to the entire 2021 class and your future is very bright. Have wonderful lives.

Jeffrey Roen

Antonia Lee-Armstrong,
I wish you all the success in the world you're a Nike just do the thing.

Deborah Armstrong

Congrats to my sister LaKharia! I love you so much and very proud of you, continue to make us happy.

Joc Rivers

Timothy Powell,
Congratulations! God has big plans for you and your Tennessee family is cheering you on! Love and prayers!

Gail Steele

Anjani Punnamaraju,
Congratulations on your graduation! Proud of you!

Jaideep Kalapatapu

Good job, everyone!

Meng Zhou

We did it GFX-3N20! We powered through this tough year and created some amazing things! I appreciate all the insight through this journey and I wish the best for you all. Congratulations!

Christa Newing

Luke Blair,
You made it!!!!!

Dawn Blair

Jack Stibal,
Congratulations, Jack Stibal, on your BS in Architecture Design!
You did it. Through all the adversity, you persevered…and you did it! This degree is so well deserved, and sends you on your way to a successful career doing what you love. Next up: M.Arch Degree.
Dad is smiling down on you BIG TIME today. He was in awe of your talent and dedication. He was so proud of you, as are your brother and I. We love you to the moon!

Mom and Michael

With everything going on with the world, we were able to sit down commit and push through it. Our class is resilient, flexible and can adapt to anything! We did the work and we are here! We’re going to do great things in life.

Ciara Watson