Justin Harlan,
To Justin, his roommates, other friends, and the rest of the graduating class of 2021.... MANY CONGRATULATIONS!!
You have really shown your tenacity this past year; you have adapted to a lot of changes; and are graduating during a pandemic. I am so proud of you all!
Now go take on the world... it's waiting for you!!


Gabby Larkin,
Good job girl! Proud of you!

Kelly Neaton

Gabrielle Larkin,
We are so proud of you Gabi! Congratulations on your big day.

Love, Mom, Haley and Maggie!

Gabi Larkin,
I am so proud of you, especially the time, dedication and thought you have put in to your projects and designs. Congrats and I cannot wait to see what you do next.

Mary Neaton

Jacob Vesche,
Congratulations Jacob, we are so happy and proud of you!! We Love you so much!!!

Jim Vesche

Mireille Elhaddad,
Congratulations!! We’re proud of you.


Mireille Elhaddad,
Your graduation marks the end of a successful journey and the beginning of a new adventure. Here’s to future you and to present you too because present you is really amazing. Congratulations!!!

Love, Rola

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so proud of your accomplishments from obtaining your degree to everything in between. You have worked so hard to make your dreams a reality and you deserve this. Your journey doesn’t stop here because you have a world to tackle!

Swalin Ka

Mimi Elhaddad,
Congratulations on your graduation and I wish you all the best with your future endeavors!

Khalil Khalil

Matthew Campbell,
From the day you were born, I knew you would be the type of kid that would be a fighter. You have pushed yourself over and beyond your limits and you have succeeded . In the grand scheme of things, your success today is a small part of a big picture. I can’t wait to see you start part 2 of your journey. In this journey always trust God and let everything that you do be pleasing in his sight. This my friend is how true success begins.

Congratulations from the Flax family!

I’ve watched you grow into an amazing young man with many talents and gifts. It is my hope that this next stage in your life will propel and establish you in your life’s passion. Remember and apply often Proverbs 3:5,6 - “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”
Lucell Trammer

Marcos Palacio,
FELICITACIONES, te lo mereces, es un tremendo logro, estoy muy orgulloso de ti. Un abrazo compadre y Palante, Dios va dejando cosas en el camino buenas siempre.

Giovanni Garibotto

Lewis Sinclair,
You’ve worked hard to reach this goal and you deserve this day of recognition. Your determination and persistence paid off in setting the path for a bright future ahead. May God’s blessing be on your future plans and shower you with renewed favor. We’re so very proud of you today and always.

With Love, Mom and Dad

Paige Wilson,
YAYYYYY!!! You did it - all the late night studying in & papers deadlines are now are just a dream.. I am soooo proud of each of you for your dedication and hard work. But as for Paige Wilson!!!!—- I am screaming to the stars all the praises due. Paige you continue to exceed my imagination every time. Your fierceness & drive can’t be stop - always let your light shine.

Congratulations MBA Class of 2021!!!! Love you Mom & Dad

Megan Young,
I just wanted to take a few seconds to congratulate you on your graduation! First and foremost I am so proud of you and your accomplishments! It has been some rough sledding for us along the way but you managed to stick with it and complete your goal. That speaks volumes about someone- when they set a important goal and find a way to make it happen! You are now ready for an exciting future. You’ve paid your dues (both figuratively and financially) and are now moving to the next chapter of your adult life. The sky is truly the limit now- with your whole life ahead of you. Congratulations and Carpe diem!

Your very proud father

Congratulations Class of 2021!
For those graduates from College of Business and IT, remember to strive for excellence - be proud of the journey you have been on and excited about where you will go next!! You have accomplished much and have grown!! Continue to model the way and make proud in all you do. Be true to your values, live your purpose, and reach for your dreams!!! Always here for you as little or as much as you need.

Dr. Stavros

Michael Giuliani,
Huge congrats, Michael! So very proud of you!!

J Cohan

Gregory Wehman and fellow graduates,
We are so proud of your hard work and dedication. This journey has been tough but well worth your effort and sacrifice.

Love, Mom and Dad

Kenneth Peterson,
Military Strong! Helping to Make the World a Brighter and Better Place

Nurse Pete 

Kenneth Peterson,
Congratulations on a Job Well Done! You are a Blessing and a Mentor to so Many.keep Your eye lifted to God and Watch Him Guide You to Many More Blessings I Love You My Baby Boy Always Proud of You.

Toni Peterson

David Modock II,
Congratulations David, you have made us so Godly proud of your accomplishments. Keep reaching for the stars and always remember to keep God first.

We Love you!!
Mom, Pops, Destinee, and Danielle    

Andrew Roberts,
Congratulations! I am so proud of all of your hard work and accomplishments. I can't wait to see what the future brings!

Love, Mom

Naun Collado,
Congratulations! We are all so proud of all you've accomplished at LTU and can't wait to see where you take your hard earned skills and knowledge. Realizing one's dreams takes pure tenacity, which you have clearly demonstrated, especially under the pandemic this past year. Exciting new challenges and opportunities await you now. We wish you nothing but success for what's to come. Congrats to the class of 2021!

Mom, Lia, and Pia

Joseph Duller,
I'm so proud of you bro! Congratulations and wishing you a successful life in the future! Happy Graduation!

Lyn Quitasol

Megan Young,
Megan World Domination! Congratulations

Mingi Song

Megan Young,
You did so amazing! Good luck with everything to come next.

Choi Beomgyu

Zachary Couts,
We are so proud of you!! Congratulations! We love you!!

Marcy Couts

Jason Ross,
Your family continues to be proud of you and your achievements. I look forward to your next successes!

Roy Crouch

Roba Youssef,
To my lovely daughter Roba, Congratulations on your great achievement! I wish you all the best and great success in all your future projects with a bright future ahead...

Love you,

Congratulations Amy Thueme!
We are so very, very proud of you for your accomplishments and the beautiful person you've become. We all look forward to celebrating what the future holds with you.

Mom, Dad, Jessie and Carlie

Fatimah Alkhars,
Happiness is with you every day and always, congratulations for graduating  

Fatimah Hussain Bukanan

Tara Abraham
Congratulations cutie! I'm so proud of you and knew you could do it. Excited to celebrate you this weekend and take advantage of all your newfound free time very soon!

Love, Ricardo 

Keivlan Griffith,
Congratulations class of 2021. We are so proud of you Keiv.

Marsha Charles

Matthew Campbell,
You have worked so hard, gave so much of your time and have been the absolute best son a mom could ask for. Live your dream and enjoy your journey. You deserve it and have earn it on your own terms.

Mom and Dad

Gabrielle Larkin,
We are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished!! We can't wait to see all the wonderful work you will create as your career launches!! We love you!!

Uncle Joe and Aunt Sherrie

Gabrielle Larkin,
Congratulations Gabi. You make me proud. May all your wishes come through.


Ryan Rockafellow,
Congratulations! I am so proud of you and can't wait to see what you accomplish! Love you!

Selena Rockafellow

Congratulations Dillon Tierney!
You have worked so hard to get to this graduation day! We are so proud of everything that you have accomplished and been involved in. The future is now all yours. Live your dream.

We love you so much!
-Your Family

Mireille Elhaddad,
I’m so proud of you. You worked so hard and you deserve this. Congratulations!!!

Rola K

Hey Mimi,
You did it! I'm proud of you for being so smart and awesome & happy for you that your hard work is paying off. Congrats and continue the adventure!

Angela Castaneda-Lopez

Marcos Palacios,
Congratulations on your goal, dear Marcos. Always go forward with extraordinary determination and faith.
God bless you,
TQM your godmother

Marcos Palacios,
Es la posibilidad de cumplir un sueño lo que hace la vida interesante felicidades mi gordito querido infinitas bendiciones.

Angelia Tortolero

Matthew Campbell,
We know there’s no limit to what you can do when God guides your destiny and supplies the resources for each endeavor. He’s good for that! Your accomplishments should be celebrated and appreciated. May God continue to bless your future and help you become a life-long learner. And always remember to pay it forward!

Marcella Trammer

Congratulations Matt!
Looks like all of your hard work and dedication has paid off. Wishing you all the best on your future endeavors. As you slide down the rail to your future may success stick you in your career! Lol!

Helene and Will McKithen

Nicole Schwerin,

Megan Young

Megan Young,
OMG congratulations!!! You worked hard and you should be proud because I'm proud!

Mindy Young

Megan Young,
Congratulations! You are too cool and talented and you've really done so well all along.

Kevin Moon

Megan Young,
Congratulations! You did it! Proud of you!

Tara Young

Spencer Baughman,
Spencer congratulations!!! This past year, being your studiomate has been an absolute honor. The passion, dedication, and TALENT you have for what you do is truly inspiring. I already know the next chapter of your life you will be doing such amazing things, and same with the all chapters after that! Congratulations again, you earned this and you deserve it!

Megan Young

Mireille Elhaddad,
Behind you all your memories, before you all your dreams, around you all who loves you, within you all you need. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. I believe deep in our heart that you’re capable of achieving anything. Put your mind to it and you’ll achieve anything. We’re very proud of you.

Mom and Dad

Mireille Elhaddad,
So proud of you for all of your hard work!! Keep shining and reaching for the stars!

Kim Wiiliams

Matthew Pachota,
You did it!!!! Congratulations on your graduation. I know you thought this day would never get here but here it is and your family is so proud of you. You are closing a chapter in your life but are opening the next and the possibilities are endless. We know whatever you put your mind to that you are capable of achieving anything.
Congratulations LTU Graduate!!!

Love, Mom, Dad and Ashley

EVAN Tomaszewski,
Congratulations EVAN! I am so proud of you. You are so driven and dedicated to succeed in all you do. I love you so much and I am so excited for your next chapter of life. Keep doing what you do.

Love MOM

Brittany Wieland,
Congrats on graduation!!!!! You're amazing

Nicole Schwerin

Edward Flood,
Congratulations on a job well done.
We are so very proud of you. We know you will do great things in life.

Love you
Mom & Dad

Claire Flood,
Congratulations!! We are so very proud of you.
We know you will accomplish great things.

Love you
Mom & Dad

Dominic Simiele,
Congratulations Dominic! You make us so proud. Big and wonderful things are in store for you and your future with your hard work and dedication toward your goals. Continued good luck in your new job.

We love you.
Grandma & Grandpa Trebonik

Mireille Elhaddad,
Congratulations! I know this is a long time coming and it shows that Your hard work is paying off. Keep up the good work!

Henry Yuen

Olla Azer,
Congratulation to the best wife and Mom. Our family is really lucky to have you. You set a great example of hard work and dedication. Again,congratulation, we all so proud of you. Well done and well deserve.

Saif Affas

Jason Ross jr,
So very proud of your accomplishments!

Love Mom

Lewis Sinclair,
What a wonderful accomplishment Lewis. This day will set the foundation for success. Much love.

Aunt Cindy and Uncle Ronald

Andrew Storey,
Nana is so proud of u sweetie. A big congratulations Love u bunches

Love Nana

Roba Youssef,
To Roba Youssef my lovely daughter and all her colleagues and friends, and to everyone who will graduate in 2021.... thousand congratulations....... My lovely daughter, you have shown your tenacity, despite the pandemic and other circumstances, you proved to us that even with difficult conditions you are capable of achieving the best, holding a strong and resilient character and that you can go the right way even in difficult conditions I am so proud of you. The world is waiting for your special work !!

Love you,

Jessica Riggs,
We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments! Looking forward to witnessing many more of your successes. Sky is the limit!

Stay strong, hugs
The Kagan Family

Jason Ross jr,
Congratulations! Keep dreaming big.

Stay strong, hugs
Patricia Baxter

Tiffany McFolley,
Congratulations you did it!!

Love you always Honey [a.k.a.] Momma