Mohamed E. Mohamed,
Congratulations, My sweet husband <3 Me and Hannah are so proud of you!

Reem Daef

James McLean,
Congratulations Class of 2022! Wishing you all the best in your new adventures! Way to go!

Kristina McLean

Jack Roberts,
Congratulations! I am so proud of you and all of your hard work!

Sarah Roberts

Noah Sultana,
We are so proud of you mi amor!

Sandra Sultana


MinhNguyet Lam

Michelle Liskey,
Congratulations mom, this has been a long time coming and you finally did it. I guarantee it’s a huge relief to finally be done with school and I guarantee it’s going to feel amazing now to only focus on work as opposed to focusing on school and work all the time. The stress is finally taken off your shoulders and you can move on and better your life. I’m extremely proud of you and I love you hopefully I will see you soon.

Dominik Liskey

Sarah Hige,
Wishing you happiness and success as you graduate. You have accomplished so much in the four years at LTU, and we are very proud of you. May your hard work and perseverance pay off by finding your dream job!

Love, Mom and Dad

Vidush Upadhyaya,
Congratulations Mikey!
You won RU style, you have that mindset of a champion!
The good life is right around the corner for you brother!

Joe Russo

Vidush Upadhyaya,
Mikey, Congratulations!!

Nick Andres

Haley Mazon,
Congratulations Haley on this huge accomplishment! You have always wanted to be a nurse and now you have accomplished that task! I cannot wait to see where this next step in life takes you. Dad and I are so proud of you for all your accomplishments. We love you so much!

Kris Mazon

Quran Yeamen,
I hope you will look back on this day and be proud of how far you have come and how far you will go!

Cierra Harrell

Gabriela Zavalaga,
WOW! How time flies! I’m so proud of you sissy! Can’t wait to see what else the future holds for you!!!

Veronika Zavalaga

Dear Luca,
Congratulations! Grandma Erika and I are so happy for you. We love you so much.

Grandpa Dieter

Nolan Andrasik,
CONGRATULATIONS Grandson, We are so proud of you. Sorry we can't be with you on this special day. You've brought your family so much pride.

Love, Tom and Beverly Strongosky

Nora M,
Congratulations to our rising architect!! You worked so hard and made us all so proud! We love you so much and cannot believe the accomplishments you have made in such a short period of time! Congratulations for all your hard work. We love you so much!

Moni M

Ian Jablonka,
Congratulations Ian on your amazing accomplishment! Your hard work, sacrifices and dedication have paid off. I always knew you would go forward to do big things and help make the world a better place. You are an inspiration and your entire family is very proud of you!! Love you tremendously!


Vidush Upadhyaya,
Way to win Ru Style homie!
Mindset of a champion!

Joe Russo

Vidush Upadhyaya,
Way to go homie! Now it's time to celebrate!

Abhi Badarinath

Vidush Upadhyaya,
Way to win LT...................RU style bro!
Congrats my man and looking forward to what the future brings for you.

Your homie,

Vidush Upadhyaya,
Mikey, you did it ya goofball!

Nick Andres

Jonathon Bourquein,
Congratulations, Jon! I am very proud of how hard you have worked to earn your degree. I’m certain your future will be filled with success!

Patricia Bourquein

We are so very proud of you for all that you have accomplished at LTU. You have worked so hard, been so dedicated and made so many sacrifices to get to this point. Wishing you much success & happiness in all that you do. Congratulations to the whole class of 2022!

Love, Mom & Dad

Dear Trent,
Grandpa and I are so happy for you. You have always worked hard and kept your eye on the "prize". We 're proud of you. and cheering you on.

Much love, Grandma H

Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all of your hard work!

Love Mom & Dad

Gabriela Zavalaga,
Congratulations, to my beautiful Daughter! You did it! We are so proud of you God bless you, we love you! <3

Delfina Benites

Prakhar Sarwate,
Congratulations, we all love you. Proud to be your parents.

Prashant Sarwate

Haley Mazon,
I’m so proud of you. Your patients will be so lucky to have you taking care of them. Keep your winning smile and personality and share it with your patients.

All my love, Nana