On Campus Events

The LTU Campus Safety Department has the primary responsibility for providing and coordinating the safety and security function on the campus.

The Campus Safety Department requests that LTU sponsors or groups or organizations desiring to hold events on campus advise us in advance so that we may determine in conjunction with group or organization and the University sponsor what sort of security arrangements should be made for the event.

Depending on the size and type of event the LTU Campus Safety Department may need to coordinate in advance of the event safety issues with the City of Southfield Police and/or Fire Departments. There is no charge or fee for our services for an on campus event.

If it is determined by the Director of Campus Safety or his or her designate that private contract security is needed for an event it is the responsibility of the group and not LTU to retain and pay for the private security agency. The private security agency will be required to work under the direction of the Campus Safety Department. The private security agency must be one that is acceptable to the LTU Director of Campus Safety or designate. The private security agency must provide a current certificate of insurance with coverages and in amounts acceptable to LTU. No private security agency will allowed on campus with any kind of offensive or defensive weapons.

The group or organization will need to provide contact names and preferably cell phone numbers to the LTU Campus Safety Department in advance of the event.

No one attending an event on campus may be armed with any offensive or defensive weapons including persons who may have a valid permit to carry a weapon in the State of Michigan. The only persons that may carry a weapon on campus are duly sworn police officers, sheriff’s deputies, state agents, federal agents or those persons who may be armed in the course of their duties which are incidental to the University, such as armored car drivers.

Many factors determine the need for our services and we will work with the group or organization in an effort to make the event as safe and secure as possible at the lowest possible cost if private security is required. Determining security needs is not an exact science. Listed below are some of the factors used to determine security needs:

  • Type or structure of the event
  • Day and time of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Events groups or organizations that may be controversial or may draw adversarial persons to the event
  • The number of other events occurring at the same time that require security
  • The expected size of the crowd
  • History of similar events
  • History of the group organization (past 3 years)
  • Potential for alcohol or other illegal substances to be brought into the venue, requiring searches

Off Campus Events

The LTU Campus Safety Department provides security only to University functions off campus as requested by the University administration.