Every member of the LTU community must register their vehicles and display an LTU Parking Permit to park on LTU’s campus. This system was put in place to insure that students, staff, and faculty have adequate parking at the campus and that the lots are used by authorized personnel only. Any member of the LTU community who parks an unregistered vehicle on LTU’s campus may receive an LTU Violation Notice. There is no charge for the Parking Permit. To obtain a Parking Permit, visit the Campus Safety Department’s office, which is located in room G102 in the General Services Building (building fifteen [15] on the campus map). Make sure to bring the following information:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A valid vehicle registration
  • Banner ID card

After receiving a Parking Permit, it must be displayed in the lower, passenger corner of the front windshield of the vehicle registered. Multiple vehicles may be registered, but each one requires a separate Parking Permit.