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Rave Alert System

LawrenceTech’s emergency notification system, RAVE,  allows parents, students, faculty, and staff to sign up to receive cell text messages and/or multiple email messages when there is a campus-related event in which large numbers of people need to be notified quickly.

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The Lawrence Technological University Department of Campus Safety is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Campus Safety officers patrol campus on a 24-hour basis, and maintain constant radio contact with each other and Safety Central. They are not sworn police officers.

Campus Safety works closely with the city of Southfield's police, fire, EMS, and Emergency Management Division personnel with the goals of providing  a safe campus and well-coordinated response in the event of an emergency.

Campus Safety is located on the north end of campus in the Art and Design Center, marked as # 4 here.