What to do

BE AWARE THAT In an emergency all Campus Safety phone lines will be busy.

If the Campus phone lines are busy call 911.  Request the Southfield Police.

  • Gun shots make “popping” sounds, real gun shots do not sound like they do on TV.
  • If you are not in immediate danger exit the building and the area.
  • Phone loved ones after you are safe, this will prevent them from tying up emergency lines and campus safety personnel.
  • If the shooter is near; Shelter in Place by
    • Seeking cover and concealment:
    • Cover means hide in or behind something that will stop a bullet.
    • Concealment means hide in or behind something that may stop a bullet.
    • Do not leave your cover & concealment “to see what is happening”.
    • Mute your cell phone.
    • Wait until the all clear is given and you are instructed to leave.
  • Do not aggressively attempt to confront or apprehend the shooter, do so only as a last resort.