The LTU Campus Safety Department provides assistance for jump-starting a vehicle in the form of self-contained car battery quick-chargers. This service is not limited to members of the LTU community; however, it is limited to vehicles parked in the campus parking lots only. Please note that the Campus Safety Department does not allow the use of its vehicles to assist with jump-starting another vehicle. In the event the quick-charger fails to jump-start a vehicle, the Campus Safety Department will provide the phone number to Quality Towing. The use of Quality Towing’s roadside assistance services is at the vehicle operator’s expense. To request Motorist Assistance:

  • Contact the Campus Safety Department at 248.204.3945.
  • When requested, provide the dispatcher with your full name, a phone number you can be reached at, and the location of your vehicle.
  • Stand beside your vehicle and raise its hood to assist the responding Safety Officer with locating you and your vehicle.
  • Provide picture identification to the responding Safety Officer.

Please allow extra time in the event of a delayed response. Note that Campus Safety does not open locked vehicles or change tires.