Purpose of the Program

The SSSP is a plan designed for the early identification of students that may be or are in crisis, in distress, at risk or are acting in a bizarre or abnormal manner.

The purpose of the program is to recognize and if needed intervene with students before the student reaches a point of dire jeopardy or poses the risk of harming themselves or others.

You can help protect the University community through your use of observation and communication. Your participation could save the life of a student and the lives of others. You could help prevent a tragedy.

  • Why you want to make the University aware of abnormal behavior. The reason is while you may not realize it others in the University community may be experiencing similar or vastly different events by the same student. It is important that the Office of the Dean of Students is made aware of persons exhibiting signs of crisis. The sooner the Office of the Dean of Students knows about the situation the quicker we can act to identify the problem and offer help.
  • What to look for. Because we are discussing student welfare, it is important that you pay attention to and communicate about students that evidence signs of crisis or distress. Some but not all of the signs to pay attention to are; difficulty coping with a significant loss or personal or academic failure(s), statements (written or verbal) about suicide, sudden or consistent rage at someone or something or particular groups, threats, acting out in class, physical aggression or intimidation, verbal abuse, they feel they are being persecuted by or feel injured by others, perceived wrongs visited upon them by others or for some purpose, feel like they are being bullied, feel like they are being tormented, low or no attendance in class, failing grades, signs of alcohol or drug abuse, self-mutilation, stalking, fascination with weapons, possession of weapons, fascination with death or torture, rapid mood swings, inability to sleep, loners or social outcasts, irrational or obsessive anxiety, bizarre acts, rituals, behaviors, statements, writings or pictures. Statements from other students about the behaviors or statements above.
  • What to do. The Dean of Student’s Office has been designated as a central collection point for information about students who may be risk.
  • How to do it. Please send an e-mail to the Dean of Student’s Office at studean@ltu.edu.