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Wood Bending @ LTU / Wood Bending Workshop Series

+ Calendar 1899-12-30 12:30:00 1899-12-30 14:00:00 America/Detroit Wood Bending @ LTU / Wood Bending Workshop Series CoAD BuildLab
12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Holly Roddenbery

Holly Roddenbery

Wood Bending @ LTU / Wood Bending Workshop Series

This series of workshops will offer the opportunity to learn 3 different methods of bending wood.

(COMPLETED) Sept. 22 - Steam Bending: This workshop will feature the unveiling of 3 new steam chambers ranging from 4 to 15 feet in length! Participants will receive a demonstration on the practice of steam bending wood as well as a briefing on the fundamentals necessary to bend wood at a desired curvature. Following demo, participants are welcome to give bending a try!

Oct 13 - Bent Lamination using Vacuum Chamber Technology: Our second workshop in the wood bending series will unveil the new Vacuum Chamber and focus on the wood bending method of laminating thin ply material to curved form. Participants will receive a demonstration and will be introduced to materials applicable to the practice.

Nov 10 - Kerf Bending for Curvature: /kərf/ (noun): 1. the width of cut made by a saw. Kerf is what we refer to as the absence of material after a blade has passed through. In this workshop, we will use this as a technique to gain flexibility and curvature with normally rigid material. Participants will be introduced to two technical approaches for bending using the kerf.

Topics covered;

  • Steam bending natural wood. - preparing a mold for steam bending. Selecting material for technique. Troubleshooting issues in steam bending.
  • Bent lamination of synthetic material & wood. - Preparing a skeleton mold. - Adhesives. -Vacuum Chamber. - Measuring layers to form. -Complex curves in molds. -troubleshooting bent lamination.
  • Kerf bending with various material & thicknesses. Utilizing laser for thin material kerf bending. Patterns in laser kerf bending. Thick material kerf bending with buildLab machinery. Selection proper material. Troubleshooting factors.

This workshop series will add to the vocabulary of design techniques and processes of the participant... "another playing card in your deck of skills." Create curvature in the 3D build environment. Techniques influence the latest trends of organic shapes & forms. Learn how to use equipment at LTU. Become exposed to new technology hosted at LTU for prototyping and generating designs. Safe working skills are integrated into workshops. This eliminates risk of injury when using tools and equipment for both the user and the equipment.

No supplies needed for workshop. Participants should look to use their own materials with the processes post-workshop.

About Holly

Holly Roddenbery is a designer and avid maker working in Detroit, MI and a professor of skills & process based classes at LTU, CoAD. The breadth of her work spans across fields of contemporary adornment, fine jewelry, sculpture, furniture, and functional wares. She invites the duality of traditional skills derived from craft to merge with digital technologies in her design work. Her work was most recently featured in the “Human Impact” exhibition at the Fuller Craft Museum in Boston. Holly’s current creative undertaking involves her newly established contemporary jewelry company, Honey of the Rock, where she is working on a one-of-a-kind collection of fine jewelry. Most recently at LTU, she designed and fabricated the host of steam chambers to be used for wood bending purposes in the CoAD programs.

Lawrence Tech
Lawrence Tech

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CoAD BuildLab

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