Summer Enrichment Camp for Engineering Undergraduates

2014-08-11 00:00:00 2014-08-15 00:00:00 America/Detroit Summer Enrichment Camp for Engineering Undergraduates Summer Enrichment Camp for Engineering Undergraduates

Engineer your own creativity and discover your talent for innovation. What you learn can transform your career - and your profession. 

At Lawrence Technological University's Creativity, Innovation, and Ingenuity summer camp, you'll team up with outstanding professors and top students from other engineering schools to expand your creative potential. 

- Explore creativity and the skills that nurture it
- Identify your creative strengths and weakness
- Participate in games, puzzlers, and activities geared to spur your creativity
- Uncover the many methodologies of creative problem solving to find those that suit you
- Engage in team projects to creatively solve unusual and strange problems
- Discover how ingenuity is an important part of the products we use every day
- Complete a unique and intriguing design project 
- Tour a Ford F-150 assembly plant to see innovation in action
- Visit The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village to see examples of American innovation and manufacturing, including Thomas Edison's Menlo Park Lab and Ford's Model T assembly lines 

This residental camp, plus housing and all meals, is free. Students are responsible for transportation to and from LTU. 

Interested? A $100 refundable registation fee will reserve your place. 
Contact Dr. Andrew Gerhard, or 
Dr. Donald Carpenter,


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