Students who complete the BSBA and BSIT degrees at Lawrence Technological University will be competent in the following goals (click on each goal for the corresponding objectives and assessment):


Objective 1: Graduates can deliver a compelling oral presentation.
Assessment of student presentations. Evaluated by two raters using the oral communication rubric in STEPS in selected courses.
Objective 2: Graduates can write professional quality documents. Assessment of written documents collected from students in selected courses. Evaluated by two raters using the written communication rubric in STEPS.

Critical Thinking

Objective 1: Graduates can identify main problem and key assumptions. Objective 2: Graduates can evaluate the validity and relevance of data.  Objective 3: Graduates can present feasible solutions. Assessment of student performance in case assignment in junior level required course. Evaluated by two raters using the critical thinking rubric in STEPS

Team Work

Objective 1: Graduates can work collectively towards team objectives.
Objective 2: Graduates can demonstrate professional interpersonal relations with other team members. Assessment will occur in courses with significant group work and will involve peer evaluation by students of their group members using rubrics with teamwork traits in STEPS. In addition, a team performance evaluation will be completed by each group member.


Objective 1: Graduates can recognize the ethical issues implicit in a business situation.
Objective 2: Graduates can describe and use ethical frameworks applicable to business situations.
Objective 3: Graduates can develop a variety of ethical alternatives for resolving or at least addressing, a problem in business.  Assessment of student performance on ethic related cases. Evaluated by a rater(s) in relevant courses using ethic rubrics in STEPS.

Knowledgeable about Fundamental Business Issues and Processes