Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Finance

LTU Finance Major

Cultivate your financial expertise with a BSBA degree and a major in finance and become a professional with endless career opportunities.

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You’ll learn how experts make the most of financial markets, raise capital, manage risk, grow assets, and serve the diverse needs of shareholders, partners, and employees. You’ll also graduate with many career options – you might work as a chief financial advisor, in sales and trading, or financial research. You could work in private industry for financial companies, commercial banks, or savings and loan associates. You might even work for a federal agency like the IRS or the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Why Finance at LTU?

  • You will master subject material by practically applying principles and concepts learned in class
  • Courses are embedded with technological components that meet the needs of today’s workplaces
  • Assignments reflect real-life problems and questions encountered by financial decision-makers, making you workforce ready at graduation
  • You’ll gain hands-on experience using analytical tools that can easily be implemented in Excel
  • You’ll learn from faculty who’ve taught finance at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level

My Teaching Philosophy


Dr. Pavlo Tsebro

I structure my classes with a substantial practical component: cases on real business problems for actual companies; assignments on current events/news; problems and questions that resemble real-life problems that financial (and often non-financial) decision-makers may encounter. In all courses I teach, I embed technological components as much and as relevant as possible. Most finance-based analytical tools can be easily implemented in Excel, which I incorporate in most of the finance courses.

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