Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Accounting

Learn how to solve complex, bottom-line business problems in LTU’s BSBA with a major in accounting and graduate with a strong foundation in a highly-rated field.

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Accounting has always been a great field and the future looks brighter than ever. This program prepares you for work as a private, public, or government accountant. With LTU’s theory and practice approach, you’ll analyze and synthesize real-world data and learn how to make sound business decisions. You’ll also be exposed to data analytics and blockchain technology – new technologies that will impact how accountants work in the future.

Why LTU?

  • You’ll learn from faculty with international experience, gaining a global view that gives you a workforce advantage in today’s competitive market
  • Exceptional teaching practices will encourage you to think critically, understand accounting concepts, and develop the ability to practice your knowledge in the real world
  • You’ll learn from the latest research in earnings management, accounting conservatism, financial statement readability, audit quality, and more
  • You can explore your ideas in a collaborative setting that promotes curiosity, encourages independent learning, and results in personal and academic growth

My Teaching Philosophy

Yu (Tony) Zhang

An instructor’s responsibility is not only to deliver knowledge, but to also teach students the how and why behind learning. Accordingly, my teaching objectives are to help students conceptually understand accounting issues, think critically as decision-makers, and develop the ability to practice their knowledge in the real world. Engaging students in a way that encourages them to become self-disciplined learners is a top priority, and it fundamentally impacts the way I interact with my students.

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