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Because of the rise of second-time AHC violations starting with the Spring 2015 semester, per approval of the Provost and the deans of the colleges, it will now be mandatory for first-time violators to complete a module of the RAISE System for Academic Integrity Education.

As soon as the Office of the Dean of Students receives a completed and signed Academic Honor Code Violation Reporting Form from the instructor, the office will email the sanctioned student with instructions on how to complete the educational module on academic integrity. The student has ten days to complete the module.

Student Pledges

In adopting this Academic Honor Code, students of Lawrence Technological University recognize that academic honesty and integrity are fundamental values of the University community. The quality of a Lawrence Technological University education is dependent upon the community acceptance and enforcement of the Academic Honor Code. Students who enroll at Lawrence Technological University commit to holding themselves and their peers to the highest standard of academic integrity. An individual who becomes aware of a violation of the Academic Honor Code has an obligation to report this violation.

Members of the Lawrence Technological University community pledge to hold themselves and their peers to the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity.

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Contact: | 248.204.3050 | Room M331
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Contact: | 248.204.3050 | Room M331

College of Business and Information Technology can accept up to 12 credit hours toward the MBA program and up to 9 credit hours toward the MSIS program for courses that have been completed in an accredited graduate institution. In order to transfer a course, the following requirements must be met:

  • Must be a graduate level course
  • Must receive a grade of B or better
  • Must be equivalent to LTU graduate business program curriculum
  • Must be completed within 7 years of enrollment to LTU
  • Must submit course description and course syllabus from school where course was taken
  • Must be approved by the department and Dean’s office

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Classification of Students

Classification as a part-time or full-time student is based upon the weekly academic load that the student carries. Graduate students are considered full-time when enrolled for six or more credit hours. Graduate students are considered part-time when enrolled for three to five credit hours.

Credit Hour

The University converted from a quarter credit system to a semester system, effective beginning in the fall of 1994. Work completed prior to August 1994 is recorded in standard quarter hours. Work completed after August 1994 is recorded in semester hours.

Quarter hours can be converted to semester hours by multiplying the number of quarter hours by two-thirds.

Graduate Grading System

A record of grade points is kept in the student’s permanent record and is used to determine his or her overall scholastic average. The following grades are computed in the grade point average:

Grade Points per Credit Hour

A         4.0

A-        3.7

B+      3.3

B         3.0

B-        2.7

C+       2.3

C         2.0

C-        1.7

F          0.0

WF     0.0 (failure due to non-attendance)


The grades D, D+, and D- are not used in graduate programs.

The following grades are not computed in the grade point average:

W        Withdrawal

X         Audit

CR      Credit

NC      No Credit

I          Incomplete

DG      Deferred Grade

NR      No Report

TR      Transfer Credit

ZZ       Transfer Courses in Progress

IP        In Progress (awarded to dissertation course)


A grade of “I” is given only under extraordinary circumstances for course work that has been of satisfactory quality and, in the judgment of the instructor and the instructor’s dean, adequate to justify a reasonable extension of time. It is assigned only in cases in which the student has completed satisfactorily the major portion of the course requirements. Students receiving an “I” may not attend the class during a succeeding semester. Instructors must change an “I” to a grade other than a “W” no later than one calendar year following the end of the semester. After one year, if course requirements are not met, the “I” will be converted to an “F.”

Grade Changes

The electronic entry of grades submitted by instructors at the end of each semester is the official record of grades. Grade changes, when necessary, are done by the instructor with the approval of the department chair and dean. The registrar may determine that the provost’s approval is also required in exceptional or unusual circumstances. Any disputes concerning grades must be resolved within one semester after the course was completed.

Dispute of Grades

Students who wish to dispute their grades have one semester to address the issue. The appropriate procedure for disputing grades, along with any other aspect of a course, is as follows: The student must first speak with the instructor of the course; if the resolution is not what the student hopes to achieve, the next course of action is to speak with the department chairperson. If the outcome from addressing the issue with the department chair is not what the student hopes to achieve, the student should then address the issue with the dean of the college. If the resolution is not what the student hopes to achieve, the last and FINAL course of action is to speak with the provost. The ruling of the provost is FINAL and not further disputable by the student.

Withdrawal from Classes

When intending to drop a course or courses or to withdraw from courses, students are responsible for dropping courses online through BannerWeb. The date of the drop or withdrawal will be the date that the student drops the course(s) on BannerWeb. To protect students’ right to privacy, drops and withdrawals may not be conducted by telephone or email.

Within certain time limits, full tuition adjustments may be made to the student’s financial account. There are times when students receive no tuition credit/refund for dropped courses. Official Drop/Add dates for each semester are available online on BannerWeb at and at It is the student’s responsibility to know these dates and adhere to them.

It is important to note that exceptions to University policy are made only in rare circumstances, such as a debilitating illness. Requests made because of difficult work schedules or class schedules will not be considered.

Students studying at Lawrence Tech with an F-1 or J-1 visa cannot drop classes below full-time status without prior approval from the Office of International Programs.


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