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Dual MBA and Arch

Minor in Business Administration



Any job you take can be traced back to an entrepreneur who started the business. A minor in business shows you the world of enterprise – an undertaking that typically brings people together with a new mission. This minor also equips you with technical skills, and an appreciation of what it takes to make a business grow and succeed.

You will gain a new outlook on how motivating and leading people is the key to effective management – and how risk-taking is a skill worth cultivating. Employers value workers who can visualize the bigger picture and context of each individual job. Your minor in business administration will let employers know you are ready to join a team.






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Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
MGT 2203 Principles of Management 3
MGT 2113 Introduction to Business Law 3
MKT 2013 Principles of Marketing 3
ACC 2013 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
SSC 2303 Principles of Economics I 3
HRM 3023 Human Resource Management 3
   TOTAL 18

Consult with your advisor to determine the best way to coordinate this minor with the requirements of your major curriculum.


The College offers opportunities for internships to our undergraduate students, for 3 to 6 credit hours. The program combines practical internships with some academic deliverables that complement each other. The experience of an internship helps the students merge their theoretical knowledge with practical application.

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