College of Business + Information Technology Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Business and Information Technology (CoBIT).

With a 20-year history at Lawrence Tech, I am grateful to serve as Interim Dean of the college. It is an exciting time to lead as we strive to equip learners with the skills needed to take full advantage of Industry 4.0—the intersection of technology and people. Located in the heart of a world-class STEM and design-focused campus, CoBIT helps learners harness Industry 4.0 technology, management, and innovation for the benefit of society while focusing on collaborative methods to ensure learner success.

Our Purpose: "Connect. Empower. Succeed."
Connecting STEM and design with business, we empower our learners with technology for success. By infusing business principles across disciplines, we ensure their success as future trailblazers, blending innovative thinking with practical expertise.

Our Mission: "We create innovative business professionals equipped with technological skills using an interdisciplinary approach emphasizing theory and practice."
The college’s diverse programs prepare learners for the world of business through accounting, finance, marketing, business data analytics, cybersecurity, information technology, business administration, and AI. The CoBIT curriculum enables learners to gain the management and entrepreneurial skills needed for business success in the 21st century.

Our Vision: "To drive innovation and positive change in business." 
We envision an educational journey that empowers learners to be innovative and create transformative change in business. We envision an educational journey that empowers learners to be innovative and create transformative change in business.

Our location gives learners access to a rich, interdisciplinary environment that encourages innovation and collaboration and prepares students for a more cohesive and multi-faceted business landscape through interdisciplinary research, cross-department programs, and stackable certificates that allow students to explore their choices. We are committed to mentoring and developing our learners into the best versions of themselves and into individuals that will make a positive impact on communities as business professionals.

You can learn more about CoBIT by visiting the campus to begin your path as a business professional.

Best regards,
Matthew Cole, PhD

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