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Cyber Security Certificate Program



The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity offered through the College of Business and Information Technology provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity. 

You may work toward the graduate certificate independently, or pursue it as part of either of the college’s two master’s degree programs – Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Information Technology – by applying to both programs simultaneously. To successfully complete the graduate certificate in cybersecurity, you must take 15 credit hours from the courses listed in the course curriculum – excluding foundation course INT 6043 – and achieve a GPA of 3.0 or better.

This 15 credit certificate can be completed 100% online. Courses are also offered on campus.

Note: Eligibility of any financial aid depends on which degree or certificates you are applying for. Not all certificate programs are eligible for financial aid. For more information, contact enrollmentservices@ltu.edu.

Need assistance? Contact one of the academic advisors 248.204.3050 or email busit-srm@ltu.edu.








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What does someone in Cyber Security do?
  • Identify and secure network weaknesses
  • Make software and hardware recommendations
  • Stay current with threats to network security
  • Monitor networks for breaches in security
Why LTU for Cyber Security?
  • Lawrence Tech offers exposure to fields you may not encounter in a traditional program 
  • Familiarity with architecture and design, the sciences and engineering can give you a distinct advantage in today’s technologically driven job market
  • LTU is located in one of the world’s great centers for entrepreneurship, technological achievement and innovation
  • Named one of the best universities in the Midwest by the Princeton Review, Lawrence Tech is committed to the motto of theory and practice


Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity  PDF 

Your 15-credit-hour program consists of:

Foundation Course:

Course Number Subject Main Campus Rotation Online Rotation Cr. Hrs.
INT 6043 Management Information Systems 3

Core Courses:

Course Number Subject Main Campus Rotation Online Rotation Cr. Hrs.
INT 6143 Enterprise Networking Infrastructure 3
INT 7223 Cybersecurity 3
INT 7233 Advanced Network Security 3
INT 7243 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 3
INT 7263 Threats, Vulnerabilities, Security Controls and Countermeasures 3

Consult with your advisor to determine the best way to coordinate this certificate with the requirements of your degree program.


The College offers opportunities for internships to our undergraduate students, for 3 to 6 credit hours. The program combines practical internships with some academic deliverables that complement each other. The experience of an internship helps the students merge their theoretical knowledge with practical application.

For more information, contact Dr. Srikant Raghavan: sraghavan@ltu.edu.


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