Are Low Price and Price Matching Guarantees Equivalent?

Price match and low price guarantees are perceived differently by the consumer. 

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Swati Verma

Swati Verma, assistant professor of marketing in the College of Business and Information Technology, had one of her papers selected as an honorable mention for the William R. Davidson Award in the Journal of Retailing, the oldest peer-reviewed journal in marketing with a high impact factor by academic measures.

The article examines the two different kinds of price guarantees available in most retail stores—a low price guarantee and a price match guarantee. The article, “Are low price and price matching guarantees equivalent? The effects of different price guarantees on consumers’ evaluations,” was published in September 2019 and examines how consumers perceive these two different kinds of price guarantee.

The William R. Davidson Award is given annually to authors of the leading articles in the field of retail marketing that are published in the Journal of Retailing.

You can read the full article at sciencedirect.com.