Integrated Bachelor's-Master's Information Technology


Gain advanced skills in LTU’s BSIT+MSIT program and become an accomplished technology professional in a field growing by leaps and bounds.

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LTU and the faculty played an important role in shaping my career. The coursework was designed to cover almost everything that requires someone to get a good grasp on the subject matter.


The business IT team is the central nervous system of any organization. As an IT specialist, you will design computing systems that provide organizations with the information they need to achieve their business goals. You can also develop strong leadership and problem-solving skills as an IT manager, making it easy to transition from one industry to another.

What is a 4+1 program?

CoBIT’s 4+1 program is an integrated bachelor’s and master’s degree program designed to help you earn a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree in five years.

Why Information Technology LTU?

  • You can take graduate-level courses toward your MBA degree as early as your junior year
  • You will share your thoughts and ideas under the guidance of caring faculty who will inspire you through research projects, individualized assignments, hands-on experiences, and more
  • Real-world problems delivered creatively in the classroom will help you become a workforce-ready graduate who can solve the IT challenges of today
  • Expert faculty with research experience in artificial intelligence, big data, data mining, workflow task scheduling, and more will push you toward higher knowledge

Alumni Feature


Anirudh Mamidipaka

MSIT '18

My experience at LTU was a perfect blend of triumph, challenges, life lessons and growth. CoBIT has exposed me to new experiences that made me industry ready. The student to faculty ratio has helped me interact with my fellow students and professors very well. It trained me to interact with various groups of people more effectively. The faculty had their course structure well designed to match the current IT industry standards.

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