Integrated Bachelor's-Master's in Business Administration Major in Accounting


Learn how to solve complex, bottom-line business problems in LTU’s 4+1 combined degree program with a major in accounting and enter the workforce with a broad foundation in a highly-rated field.

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The small classes with professors that emphasized the benefits of a practitioner-scholar model set LTU apart from other higher academic institutions.

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Accounting has always been a great field for business professionals and the future looks brighter than ever. This program prepares you for work as a private, public, or government accountant. With LTU’s theory and practice approach, you’ll analyze and synthesize real-world data and learn how to make sound business decisions. You’ll also gain exposure to new technologies that will have an impact the future of accounting such as data analytics and blockchain technology.

What is a 4+1 program?

CoBIT’s 4+1 program is an integrated bachelor’s and master’s degree program designed to help you earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in accounting, and a Master of Business Administration degree, in just five years.

Why Accounting at LTU?

  • You can take graduate-level courses toward your MBA degree as early as your junior year
  • Exceptional teaching practices will encourage you to think critically, understand accounting concepts, and develop the ability to practice your knowledge in the real world
  • You’ll learn from the latest research in earnings management, accounting conservatism, financial statement readability, audit quality, and more
  • You can explore your ideas in a collaborative setting that promotes curiosity, encourages independent learning, and results in personal and academic growth

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Tiffany Nair

MBA '15

Every professor I have had was informative, experienced, and helpful. My accounting/financial professors were extremely assistive, even out in the financial world. They all gave great advice, guidance, and tutoring. They truly prepared me for the ups and downs that we face in real-world challenges. They all taught me that no matter what to keep on pushing on.

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