Advancing the Global Community

Vision -  To be a recognized business school that delivers distinctive and rigorous academic programs with a focus on creating leaders who excel in a global environment.

Mission -  Using a model of theory and practice, the College of Business and Information Technology prepares a diverse student body for success that emphasizes ethics and teamwork, analytical, management, and advanced technological skills to be strategic and innovative thinkers and leaders in a global environment.

Values -  Theory and Practice, Student-focused and Caring, Teamwork and Trust, Character and Integrity.

What makes us unique -  The College of Business and Information Technology at Lawrence Technological University provides one of the most comprehensive, interdisciplinary programs in global leadership and management in the country. Students learn how to address the business, social, ethical, and technological dimensions of leadership in today’s complex, fast-paced, global economy.

The College of Business and Information Technology is the ideal academic institution for students to prepare for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter as tomorrow’s leaders in global organizations in the private, public, and non-profits sectors.

Students gain the knowledge, research capabilities, and leadership skills necessary to be effective in leading and managing in global organizations through an intensive program of interdisciplinary coursework, workshops, seminars, and directed research. Critically, students learn how to apply their knowledge and skills to the practice of global leadership and management.

A Long and Rich History

The College of Business and Information Technology evolved from the University's degree programs in industrial engineering, which in the 1930's combined technology, business, law, economics, and management to benefit managers and administrators of utilities and manufacturing facilities, primarily Detroit's automobile companies and their suppliers. In the aftermath of the Great Depression in 1939, as financial conditions improved, Lawrence Tech consolidated much of its business and management course work, transferring it from the College of Engineering to a newly formed College of Business Administration. Several hundred students were pursuing degrees by the start of World War II.

Throughout the war, the College experienced many changes. As enrollment grew, Lawrence Tech's programs in industrial management, economics, and business administration were led by Edwin O. Graeffe, a talented, Belgium-born, German-educated  professor whose early career as an import-exporter had given him a unique global perspective on business operations. The College of Management became the new name in the early 1980s, and in 1989 launched the first MBA program. Today the College of Business and Information Technology continues the tradition of offering programs that meet the evolving needs of students and the professions they serve.


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