College of Business + Information Technology Graduate Research

Master of Business Administration


Hanyu Gao
Faculty Advisors: Ling Tuo, PhD, Tony Zhang, PhD
CEO-CFO Business Education and Financial Reports Readability


Xinhui Huang, Wenyu Shen
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Pavlo Tsebro
Put-Call Ratio as a Predictor of Earnings Reporting Results


Massimo Zerilli
Faculty Advisors: Matthew L. Cole, PhD; Jacqueline M. Stavros, DM
The SOAR Profile (TSP) 2.0: A Rapid Assessment Tool to Help Individuals and Teams Build Strategic Capacity

Eralda Caushaj, Anne Kohnke, & John Zhu, with Graduate Research Assistants: Xi Li, Rahul Mamindla,
Mohamadali Rihan, Jiayi Sun, Varun Vikram
Implications of Mobile Application Security, Application Features and Consumer Adoption


Mohamadali Rihan, Eric Waslioff
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Srikant Raghavan, Phd, Associate Professor; Dr. Shahram Taj, PhD, Professor
Concept of an Autonomous Vehicle

Master of Science in Information Technology


Meghna Ashar, Sujay Kaushik Ravi, Mohammed Almihtar
Faculty Advisors: Chih Hao Ku, PhD
Gun Violence and Control in America

Mayuri Purohit, Yanjun Tan
Faculty Advisors: Chih Hao Ku, PhD
Data Science for a Social Cause: Kiva Crowdfunding

Deepa Paramasivan
Porto Seguro’s Safe Driver Prediction

Asfand Shahab, Hamzah Rehman, Venkata Challa
The Evolution of Shooting in the NBA


Venkata Rathna Anirudh Mamidipaka, Tanner Flint
Faculty Advisors: Anne Kohnke, Ph.D,
Insider Threat Mitigation: Understanding Managerial Tactics and Organizational Outcomes

Menuka Herath
Faculty Advisors: Matthew L. Cole, PhD; Jacqueline M. Stavros, DM
Lawrence Technological University “Leaders in the Making”: An Effective Leader is a Learning Leader

Mariam Okunlola
Faculty Advisors: Chih Hao Ku
The Use of Blockchain Application: Residential Based Construction Services & Maintenance Services

Varun Vikram, Muhammad Abdul Rehman Siddiqui, Vamshi Krishna Ginna
Justin Ku, PhD
Crime Analysis on Homicides of USA

Andrea Aznar
Justin Ku, PhD
H1B Analytics

Menuka Herath, Gopi Chand Ganguru, Sanjana Taduri
Visualizing Amazon Web Services Honeypot Data

Varun Vikram
Faculty Advisors: Eralda Caushaj
Malicious App Behavior Detection


Chaitalii Desai Shah, MS in Information Technology Candidate, Maryam Firoozi, PhD
Universities’ Approach to Innovation, Does It Pay off?

Afiya Khan
Faculty Advisors: Matthew L. Cole, PhD; Jacqueline M. Stavros, DM
Appreciative Inquiry: An Operating System for SOAR


Anne Kohnke, PhD, Veera Raghava Prasad Govinda Raju, and Michael Bruno Selvaraj
Cybersecurity: It Only Takes Seconds For a Hacker To Take EVERYTHING

Vladimir Rozovskiy
Google Analytics as a Tool to Integrate the College of Management Website Business Objectives With Measurable Goals

Doctorate of Business Administration


Rod C. Harris
Faculty Advisors: Matthew L. Cole, PhD; Jacqueline M. Stavros, DM
Ready for Change? A Literature Review on Assessing Organizational Readiness for Change