Course Name CRN Course Instructor Day Room Time
Global Business Economics 5084 ECN6023 Browne Online
Business Application Programming 5172 INT5024 Shaba Online
Management Information Systems 5085 INT6043 Wed M213 5:30-9:35
Managing Outsourced Projects 5074 INT6253 Allen Online
Cybersecurity 5065 INT7223 Allen Tues M213
Threats, Vulnerabilities, Security Controls, and Countermeasures 5307 INT7263 Online
IT Capstone 5306 INT7593 Glovis Wed M311 5:30-9:35
Fundamentals of Management 5309 MBA5041T Verma Online
Legal Environment of Business 5310 MBA5061T Online
Global Leadership 5047 MBA6043 Marx Tues M311 5:30-9:35
Operations & Supply Chain Management 5048 MBA6063-01 Raghavan Online
Operations & Supply Chain Management 5050 MBA6063-02 Online
Global Strategic Management 5048 MBA6073 Omrani Online
Project Management 5045 MBA7063 Allen Online
Directed Practical Training 1 5108 MGT6231 Jena TBA M331
Directed Practical Training 1 5046 MIS6231 Jena TBA M331

Masters Programs - Off Campus

Course Name CRN Course Instructor Day Campus Time
None this semester  

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