Course Name CRN Course Instructor Day Room Time
Global Business Economics 5084 ECN6023 Browne Online Canvas
Business Application Programming 5172 INT5024 Shaba Online Canvas
Management Information Systems 5085 INT6043 Makar Online Canvas
Managing Outsourced Projects 5074 INT6253 Allen Online Canvas
Cybersecurity 5065 INT7223 Savka Tues - Online TBD 5:30-9:35
Threats, Vulnerabilities, Security Controls, and Countermeasures 5307 INT7263 Bawcum Online Canvas
IT Capstone 5306 INT7593 Glovis Wed - Online Zoom 5:30-9:35
Fundamentals of Management 5309 MBA5041T Verma Online Canvas
Legal Environment of Business 5310 MBA5061T Yeaster Online Canvas
Global Leadership 5047 MBA6043 Marx Tues - Online Zoom 5:30-9:35
Operations & Supply Chain Management 5130 MBA6063-01 Raghavan Online Canvas
Global Strategic Management 5048 MBA6073 Omrani Online Canvas
Project Management 5045 MBA7063 Allen Online Canvas
Directed Practical Training 1 5108 MGT6231 Jena TBA TBD
Directed Practical Training 1 5046 MIS6231 Jena TBA TBD

Masters Programs - Off Campus

Course Name CRN Course Instructor Day Campus Time
None this semester  

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