Course Name CRN Course Instructor Day Room Time
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3503 ACC5003 Zhang Wed M213 5:45-8:25
Managerial Accounting 3304 ACC6003 Zhang OL
Managerial Economics (Jan-Mar) 3977 ECN5011T Browne OL    
Fundamentals of Macro Economics (Mar-May) 3979 ECN5021T Browne OL    
Global Business Economics 3444 ECN6023 Marx Thurs M311 5:45-8:25
Management Information Systems 3322 INT6043-01 Makar OL
Management Information Systems 4156 INT6043-02 Makar OL
Database Modeling and Administration 3295 INT6113 Ellison Thurs M209 5:45-8:25
Systems Analysis and Design 3296 INT6123 Padalino Mon M311 5:45-8:25
Enterprise Network Infrastructure 3362 INT6143 Gwarzo OL    
Business Analytics and Intelligence 3345 INT7213 Padalino OL    
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 3347 INT7243 Savka OL
Visual Analytics 3366 INT7253 Salaymeh Mon M209 5:45-8:25
Agile Project Management 3511 INT7563 Paryani OL
IT Capstone 3302 INT7593-01 Allen Wed M310 5:45-8:25
IT Capstone 4075 INT7593-02 Allen OL
Bus App Statistical Analysis 3297 MBA5013 Cole OL    
Legal Environment of Business 3978 MBA5061T Yeaster  OL    
Financial Management 3428 MBA6003 Halstead  OL
Corporate Finance 3298 MBA6033 Moussawi Thurs M210 5:45-8:25
Global Leadership 3299 MBA6043 Castelli Mon M336 5:45-8:25
Strategic Marketing Management 3300 MBA6053-01 Verma OL
Strategic Marketing Management 3821 MBA6053-02 Hattat OL
Global Strategic Management 3301 MBA6073 Omrani Tues M310 5:45-8:25
Investment Management 3989 MBA7023 Tsebro Thurs M208 5:45-8:25
Project Management 3317 MBA7063-01 Glovis Wed M212 5:45-8:25
Project Management 3318 MBA7063-02 Allen OL    
Directed Practical Training 3319 MGT6231 Jena TBA   TBA
Directed Practical Training 3320 MIS6231 Jena TBA   TBA

Masters Programs - Off Campus

Course Name CRN Course Instructor Day Campus Time
Global Strategic Management
4021 MBA6073 Marx Tues/Thurs SSCF 9:00-1:00
Financial Management 3966 MBA6003 Tsebro Tues MI Tech Center 4:30-7:10

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