Most Graduate Classes will be held online in Fall 2020 (some may be asynchronous, see Canvas for details)
Course Name CRN Course  Faculty Day Room Time
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 1203 ACC5003 Zhang OL Canvas
Managerial Accounting 1204 ACC6003 Zhang OL Canvas  
Global Business Economics 1488 ECN6023 Browne OL Canvas
Business Application Programming 1205 INT5024 Shaba OL Canvas  
Management Info Systems 1206 INT6043 Makar OL Canvas
Database Modeling and Administration 1372 INT6113 Salaymeh OL Canvas
Systems Analysis and Design 1373 INT6123 Makar OL Canvas
Enterprise Network Infrastructure  1207 INT6143 Salehian OL Canvas
Business Analytics & Intelligence  1208 INT7213  Padalino OL Canvas
Cybersecurity  1209 INT7223 Gwarzo OL Canvas
Advanced Network Security  1806 INT7233 Lowman OL Canvas
Information Retrieval & Data Mining 1210 INT7513 Salaymeh OL Canvas
IT Capstone 1992 INT7593 Allen OL Canvas
Fundamentals of Marketing 1982 MBA5031T-01 Verma OL Canvas
Fundamentals of Marketing 1983 MBA5031T-02 Verma OL Canvas
Fundamentals of Finance 1984 MBA5051T-01  Welch OL Canvas  
Fundamentals of Finance 1985 MBA5051T-02 Welch OL Canvas
Financial Management 1457 MBA6003 Tsebro OL Canvas  
Corporate Finance 1490 MBA6033  Tsebro OL Canvas
Global Leadership 1211 MBA6043-01 Castelli OL Canvas
Global Leadership  1847 MBA6043-03 Castelli OL Canvas
Strategic Marketing Management 1212 MBA6053 Hattat OL Canvas  
Operations & Supply Chain Management 1213 MBA6063 Raghavan OL-Mon Canvas  5:45 – 8:25
Global Strategic Management 1214  MBA6073 Omrani OL Canvas
International Finance 1990 MBA7023 Moussawi DL-Thurs M208  5:45 – 8:25
Organization Development & Change  1550 MBA7033 Stavros OL-Mon Canvas  5:45 – 8:25
Project Management 1362 MBA7063 Allen OL Canvas
Digital Marketing 1991 MBA7073 Shah OL Canvas  
Project Risk and Quality Management 1491 MBA7173 Paryani OL Canvas
Education Centers          
Course Name CRN Course  Faculty  Day  Time
Global Business Economics (Oct-Nov) 2154 ECN6023 Browne Tues/Th (OL) 9:00 - 1:00
Global Leadership (Aug-Oct) 2152 MBA6043 Castelli OL  
Global Strategic Management (Dec) 2156 MBA6073  Omrani T/W/R (OL) 9:00 - 1:00
Org Dev & Change (Oct-Nov) 2155 MBA7033 Stavros  Tues/Th (OL) 1:30 - 5:30
Managing a Global Workforce (Aug-Oct)) 2153 MBA7053 Castelli Tues/Th (OL) 1:30 - 5:30
Directed Study: Research (Aug-April) 2151 MBA7123  Cole TBA (OL) TBA

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