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Learn how to integrate business with technology in LTU’s MSIT program and excel in a dynamic field with rapid employment growth.

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Because of my LTU education, I was hand-picked to create, recruit, develop, and lead a new team responsible for transforming Ford into the future of AI, AV, EV and smart transportation.”

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In this program, you’ll gain knowledge needed to interact with finance, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and other business functions. You’ll also improve your understanding of advanced information technology concepts and systems – while learning how to test your innovative ideas about information and data transfer on a global scale.

Why Information Technology at LTU?

  • Classes are available online, on-ground, and in hybrid format to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals – you can do the entire program from home
  • You’ll experience abundant and diverse networking opportunities by taking classes with a student population employed across 130+ businesses and organizations
  • Expert faculty with research experience in artificial intelligence, big data, data mining, and more will provide you with advanced knowledge and skills
  • Real-world problems delivered creatively in the classroom will prepare you to solve the IT challenges of today

Meet the Faculty


Areej Salaymeh

Assistant Professor

Salaymeh received her Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science of Wayne State University, and her teaching interests are in Artificial Intelligence and Designing Algorithms. Her research areas include Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Multi-agent Systems, Reinforcement Learning, and Data Mining with applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Business Analytics.

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