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Business-IT Faculty

Photo of Seyed Ziae Mousavi Mojab

P: 248.204.3070
E: smousavim@ltu.edu
O: M345A

Seyed Ziae Mousavi Mojab

Assistant Professor
College of Business + Information Technology

Seyed Ziae Mousavi Mojab has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Wayne State University and is currently a College Professor at Lawrence Technological University. He is a former lecturer at WSU and has more than six years of experience in teaching graduate and undergraduate courses at several schools throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. He joined LTU in 2017 as an adjunct instructor and since 2019 is a full-time faculty member in the College of Business and Information Technology.

Courses he has taught include Advanced Data Mining, Information System Design, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Senior Project Design (Capstone), Database Systems, Web Technologies, Advanced Web Programming, Programming Language for Business: Python and R, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, C++ Programming, Data Structure, and Human-Computer Interaction.

His research experience includes work in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning with a focus on Evolutionary Algorithms, Workflow Task Scheduling and Medical Image Processing. Currently, he is a researcher in the Medical Image Analysis Lab for Henry Ford Health System’s Department of Radiology. Non-academic experience includes working for Google as a Search Engine Quality Rater and Moderator, and IT Manager for various companies.