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Business-IT Faculty

Photo of Massood Omrani

P: 248.204.3050
E: momrani@ltu.edu
O: M331 (Buell)

Massood Omrani

Participating Faculty
College of Business + Information Technology

Massood Omrani, Ph.D., MBA, is a participating faculty in the college of Business and Information Technology. He teaches a variety of courses in the area of Strategic Management, Decision Making Analysis, Management Science and Optimization, Operation Research and other topics. Dr. Omrani is also the Managing Director of the U.S. office of the CADFEM International which is a German Engineering Consulting Company. For the last 35 years, Dr. Omrani has been working in many industries.  He has worked in companies like Schlumberger (Oil & Gas), Ford Motor Company (Automotive), Magna International (Automotive Supplier), ESI (Engineering Software and Consulting Services) and CADFEM (Engineering Consulting Services). He has been awarded many times, during his career for his skills in Engineering and effective Management. For the past 27 years, Dr. Omrani has held managerial positions at different levels, managing a diverse group of technical and administrative people positioned in many countries, such as Germany, Austria, India, China and the US. He also worked in Europe, supporting European Automotive Companies for 2 years.  Dr. Omrani earned his Ph.D. from State University of New York at Buffalo, and his MBA from Michigan State University.