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The president of ServoTech Industries and a partner in Zoatex LLC, a commodity and business management company and a partner in battery nano technology, Hamid Servati shares his extensive industry experience with the College of Management as a member of its advisory board. In 2014 when Servati was managing director and vice president of Westport Advanced Engineering-USA Center, he arranged the donation of five Ford trucks to Lawrence Tech. One, a bi-fuel Ford F-250 that runs on either gasoline or compressed natural gas, is used for student research in LTU’s alternative fuels program. Westport also provided the University another F-250, two F-150s and an F-450, which are used for campus maintenance.

Servati has served as president of ServoTech since 1987. He has been responsible for the advancement of enabling technologies and solutions for fuel economy improvements and the use of alternative fuel, exhaust emissions controls and manufacturing, and the reduction of product development cycles via simulation and automation.

He has been recognized for his innovative contributions to the development and application of engine air and fuel transient dynamics modeling, powertrain controls and calibration enabling tools, pioneering exhaust emissions control software, hardware technologies, prototyping and production, alternative fuel engineering for internal combustion engines, training powertrain engineering specialists, and effectively turning innovative ideas into new production technologies with broad environmental benefits.

The author of many patents, Servati has published numerous technical papers and is an active organizer in the SAE International, previously known as the Society of Automotive Engineers. He earned a PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.