Wednesday, 31 of August of 2016

Computational Visualization of Abstract Concepts in Educational Environments – Scott Bakkila – current

Scott Bakkila (current Physics/CS major) is working on an interactive computational graphic environment to represent selected physics models in the classroom.  Solutions of complex physics problems could be presented and interacted with, from simple models of the range formula to elaborate models involving second order solutions of objects accelerating through a fluid. By extending the learning environment into interactive visual space, students will be better prepared to apply abstract methods to real world situations.  The focus of this project is to create an expandable unified interactive 3D environment using the Microsoft DirectX® interface that can be applied to nearly any subject that involves science or mathematics. Initial development will involve topics covered in introductory physics courses such as the equations of motion. These will be expanded to allow students to see a glimpse of how these approximations behave in real-world situations. For instance, the equations of motion will be shown to be approximations of solutions involving air resistance, wind, and even positional corrections for the earth’s rotation.  Advisor: Dr. Scott Schneider (